10 Years of Audio Video

Year 2006 is when Curtis Hubner started Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC), with nothing but himself and a truck. His wife, Jennifer Hubner, later joined him and the two of them worked together to make AIC the Low Country’s lead home automation expert.

Year 2016 marks AIC’s 10 year anniversary! This is an exciting time for the entire AIC team and we wanted to ask Curtis what it takes to be successful in this business.

Here is his response.

“The key to being successful in the home automation industry doesn’t just rely on skillfulness, it has more todo with understanding your client. If you can’t find out their needs, then you’ll never be able to help them.

Sure, that sounds pretty elementary, but it’s surprising to me how many people I come across who have become robotic. They’ve lost all their passion and in doing so, lost the ability to connect to people.

I started AIC because I wanted to bring passion to the technological world. It’s apart of everything we do and that’s never going to go away. I want our clients to understand, truly understand, what home automation is and why it’ll make their lives easier. Not to mention how much more entertaining it all can be! Which is where I came up with the slogan “Connecting You to the World”, because that’s exactly what I set out todo.

Over the years, my wife and I worked hard to achieve that simple connection goal. This accomplishment has allowed us to enter the year marking our 10 year anniversary. We have dedicated employees, wonderful clients, and dependable vendors.

I couldn’t be more proud of what AIC has turned into. Thank you to all our clients. Thank you to all my employees. Thank you to my wife. Thank you to all those who have had a hand in shaping AIC into what it is today.”

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