2018 “King of TV”

As 2018 is coming to an end, Sony has really outdone themselves this year in the tech industry. The Sony A9F Master Series OLED TV has won “King of TV” shootout and Red Dot Award of 2018. Competing with established brands like LG and Samsung, Sony rose to the challenge and went above and beyond. Their OLED TV triumphed in other categories such Best HDR TV, Best Living Room TV, and Best Home Theater TV. It’s equipped with Pixel Contrast Booster and Ultimate realism to display vivid colors, precision and paramount luminance at the highest quality in detail thus far. For stream service users, it even offers a “Netflix Calibrated Mode” which entails that you’ll experience that same superior video quality on your streaming services. It’s implemented an incomparable sound experience with Acoustic Surface Audio, delivering mulita-dimensional sound with three actuators and two subwoofers. What differentiates the superior sound quality from previous models is the installation of a third on-screen actuator located in the middle display for a center channel. The actuator directs sounds more accurately and precisely based on each unique origin of sound for instances like higher volume during conversations and lower volume and bass with background noises. Connect with your Alexa devices or Google Home for a flawless hands-free experience. This series has elevated the home theater experience to another level with anticipation at its highest for the launch of their next product design.


By Wendy Wang, A.I.C.

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