7 Songs for Your Halloween Playlist

Halloween just so happens to be our favorite time of the year! We’re sure this weekend will be filled with tons of scary movies, parties and music. Be sure to add these 7 songs to your Halloween Playlist . . .


Jace Everett – Bad Things

You probably recognize this song from the very popular HBO series, True Blood. If you haven’t added “Bad Things” to your Sonos Halloween playlist yet, you definitely need to!

Pink Floyd – Goodbye Cruel World

Here’s another good one! A bit of a throwback, but still a great short hit. Plus, who doesn’t like Pink Floyd?


BORNS – Holy Ghost

This one is new to us, but was considered a must-play from one of our own. Not bad, that’s why we added to the top 7 songs in our Halloween playlist.


Orgy – Social Enemies

If you haven’t heard of  “Social Enemies”, or know of Orgy, once you take a quick listen, you’ll understand why it made the list!

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Marilyn Manson – This is Halloween

Tim Burton is the King of strange, not to mention Marilyn Manson. Remember Nightmare Before Christmas? Here is Marilyn’s twist on “This Is Halloween”.


Sharon Needles – This Club is a Haunted House

All we have to say about this one is, just listen and add!


Tell us what you think! What songs are on your Halloween Playlist?

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