A/V over IP – The Future of AV

What is AV over IP?

Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol, also known as AV over IP is a way to transport audio and video over your home or business network. Audio-visual data is transmitted over a network such as WAN, LAN, or the internet. AV over IP has been around for a long time, yet recently AV over IP technology is gaining momentum and is one of the biggest trends in the AV world.

The main goal for AV over IP is to connect every audio-visual device onto a network, streamlining all equipment and decreasing cord clutter and maintenance. Looking around your business you most likely have cords for for projectors, video walls, ceiling speakers and even more cords for other things. With AV over IP all those cords could be replaced with one type of cable and one type of connection. The end result reduces equipment and energy costs while increasing simplicity of  controls, creating a technological friendly environment.


Traditional AV – Versus – AV Over IP

An AV over IP system works almost the same as a traditional AV setup. The only difference between the two is that instead of a using transmitters and receivers, AV over IP uses encoders and decoders.


Traditional AV, you are limited to the matrix on the switcher. For an example if you own a 16×16 matrix switch it can only put out 16 sources for 16 different destinations. Overhauling your matrix switcher to add more ports is a difficult task and not one that is worth the time and the overall cost.

AV over IP is very flexible. You can increase the number of inputs and destination ports by adding switches where needed. Of course you could run cables instead of adding switches. The downside is that it becomes increasingly expensive to run specialty cables lengthy distances. Ethernet is almost always cheaper to run.


Benefits of Using AV over IP

With a scalable infrastructure AV over IP can keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Your company will not have to reinstall or rebuild an AV system to meet increasing demands of inputs and destinations. Infrastructure of AV over IP is simplified compared to traditional AV setups.

AV over IP is just plain easier to use. This is important in companies with multiple employees. There will be less confusion and less calls to the IT department. Video conferencing, collaboration and messaging are set up on intuitive connection interfaces.

Security is improved when using AV over IP. AV over IP encryption helps keep your company’s data secure and private.

Of course a major benefit is the reduced cost of an AV over IP system. AV over IP can reduce system costs up to 40%. There are less cables that are needed, saving money on labor and materials. Maintenance costs drop as well. Using AV over IP reduces points of failure since there are less cables involved. Less maintenance and failures means increased productivity and easy troubleshooting.

Video and audio quality are not sacrificed when using AV over IP. High definition, UHD, and 4k signals can pass through these IP based products.


Changing your AV system to AV over IP is a complicated and daunting task. Advanced Integrated Controls is your professional AV over IP installer. Contact us today if you are interested in future-proofing your business with AV over IP technology.