AIC Added to the CEPRO 100 List


2021 was truly a record year for AIC, even with the pandemic furthering supply chain issues, the shipping crisis, and an unexpected microchip shortage. Despite these issues, we were still able to complete some of our coolest projects to date, including a commercial project that turned into a community favorite collaboration story and finishing multiple award-winning residential jobs. This past year, we have been recognized by multiple different publications, both online and print, for our team’s amazing work, but perhaps most notably by CEPRO, the leading magazine for the custom electronics industry. 

Every year, CEPRO releases its CEPRO 100 list, recognizing the highest-revenue residential integration companies, ultimately compiling a list of the top 100 installation companies. For the first time in AIC history, we have been added to the 100 list, ultimately being ranked at 94! This is an unbelievable honor, considering that every integration company in the U.S can be considered and large, nationally known companies like Best Buy and ADT have been previously added to this list. This comes, just months after we were recognized with 5 Home of the Year Awards from the same publication. We are truly grateful for the amazing accomplishments our team has been able to achieve this past year and we hope to be able to continue this or 2022. 

AIC 100 list

In order to be considered for the list, companies are asked to submit their financial data to be verified by CEPRO. Once verified, the data is ultimately compared with all other submissions in order to find each company’s placement on the list, if applicable. The process can be very grueling and many companies are not fortunate enough to make it to the list, despite having record years themselves. Not only do they create the list, but they also give readers some interesting statistics and comparisons between companies. Going through these has truly put into perspective how amazing it is that AIC has made it to the list this year. For example, the companies on the list tend to be much more established with the median age being 22 years in business, compared to AIC’s 16! Additionally, the median number of employees is 27 compared to AIC’s 10! We are truly grateful to be added to the list and we hope to be seen on this list again next year! In the meantime, check out the article for yourself, and as always, we wouldn’t be here without the support of our loyal clients!

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