Solution to Bug in Newest Apple TV Update

Late last month, Apple pushed through the newest update for Apple TVs, tvOS 15. As with most software updates, this one came with its fair share of bugs and glitches that can make using your device very frustrating. Furthermore, finding solutions online can become tricky, as it can take months for developers to push through…


Wi-Fi Calling

What is Wi-Fi Calling?   Wi-Fi calling is just what it sounds like: Instead of using a cellular carrier network to access features of your phone such as voice and video call, you instead use the home’s wireless internet connection! While this setting has been around for quite some time, most people use it very…


CEPRO 2021 Home of the Year Award Winner

We are extremely excited to announce that AIC has won 5 awards at this year’s CEPRO Home of the Year Awards. Oh yeah! And two of them were first place Gold awards! Our team is extremely proud of this accomplishment and we feel very honored that our hard work has been recognized. Keep reading to…


New Kaleidescape Vs Streaming Demo

Due to popular demand from their demo at CEDIA this year, Kaleidescape has produced and released a demo for download for showrooms, as well as a side-by-side comparison for us to show our clients at home! You might be wondering why typical streaming services like Netflix or maybe even your older blu-rays just aren’t enough…

Group Happy Photo Lot 9

AIC and Lot 9 presents: SubSonic Ale

alexa 1

When Alexa Isn’t Enough

Ten years ago Alexa was just an average female name. Today, however, it’s an electronic staple in homes across the globe. For many people, Alexa was their introduction into the world of AI technology and home automation. Today, Alexa technology is capable of making to-do lists, podcast and music playback, controlling other Alexa compatible devices,…

Samsung q90

The Best 4k TVs of 2021

Shopping for a new television can be overwhelming. Looking at the different options you may find yourself looking at near identical models, not knowing which is going to be the better buy. Smart features have become a highlight in new television models with different processors ranging between models and manufacturers. We have done our research…

Amazon Sidewalk

Whats the Deal with Amazon Sidewalk?

  What is Amazon Sidewalk? Amazon Sidewalk is a program that has launched in June with a controversial immediate opt-in for all users of Amazon products such as Ring and Echo. Essentially Amazon Sidewalk is a shared network between these Amazon products that allows for better communication and signal reach. Here is Amazon’s link for…

Martin Logan Logo

AIC is a Martin Logan Dealer

Whether you’re looking to do a simple entertainment system or a complete home theater, quality sound is a necessity. Martin Logan has stepped up to be one of the highest quality audio technology brands available. While many companies have entered the audio game, not many have revolutionized it quite the way this company has.  Martin…

marshalnd marvel 2

Video: Marshland Marvel