Boosting Dialogue Levels

The amount of dialogue adjustment for TV’s really depends on your TV. Many TV sets provide a range of enhancement modes in their audio setup menu to help shape the sound for different types of programs.

You can usually find some type of dialogue enhancement mode. For example, Sony – a preferred brand by AIC – calls its version ClearAudio+, while LG has Clear Voice II. A number of the newer Samsung TV’s offer DTS Studio Sound processing, which incorporates a feature called TruDialog. But you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

The speakers on most flat panel TV’s are insufficient for anything beyond casual TV viewing. When watching a movie with a dynamic, multi layered soundtrack, it will often be the case that dialogue, music and sound effects blend together into an incoherent mess when the volume is pushed anywhere past moderate levels.

A much better solution would be to invest in some sort of surround sound system, or Soundbar. Sonos has an incredible PLAYBAR they’ll turn any surround sound into a true home theater for under $699.00.

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