Dolby Atmos Movie Theaters Take on IMAX

Everyone knows IMAX theaters are the leaders in cinema productions. A recent announcement from Dolby Atmos states an even better theater experience dubbed Dolby Cinema.

Dolby Atmos cinema systems have up to 64 independently peered speaker outputs. Even though Dolby home theaters have fewer speakers, it still provides an exceptionally powerful experience. Designed to project and identify every bit of audio through technology called Atmos Sound. Meaning The viewer will be able to hear video audio the way it was supposed to be heard. A dog barking, the branches on trees swaying, a car horn, the baby crying, your cell phone ringing; all with astonishing clarity, richness, detail and depth.

What’s New with The Technology?

The cinema experience will defiantly feature the company’s high tech sound capabilities, but paired with Dolby Vision. The concepts was first revealed for 4K TV’s earlier this year to offer true to life brightness, colors, and contrast. However, projectors capable of displaying the technology are not yet complete, so when the first outlet opens in the Netherlands later this month (December 2014), it will temporarily be relying on Christie 6P 4K laser projectors. The company is working hard right now to put HDR into theaters so we can all get a taste of Dolby Vision and see just how potent and visceral HDR is for ourselves.

How Much Will Tickets Cost?

Additionally, the theater will make use of floating screens with hub lighting, faceted acoustic panels and Dolby 3D. This theater experience is going to cost a pretty penny. No specification on ticket cost at this time. However, it’s expected to be around $18, making it comparable to IMAX tickets.