KizON Smart Wristlet

Never lose track of your kids again! LG KizON is a wearable device to be worn by kids, primarily younger children pre-school age, that works just like Find Your iPhone.

It’s a wristband that can be programmed for your kids to instantly call you with no need to remember phone numbers; just a push of a button on the band. You can also set the KisON to send you location updates throughout the day. The band uses a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to work out where it is in the world, and texts the co-ordinates back to an app, which translates them into a map location.

LG has extensible tested the wristband and they ensure it does not contain toxic or hazardous chemicals or components.

KizON has launched in Poland and will spread through the rest of Europe. Parents are still waiting to hear whether the LG bracelet will make it to America.

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