Lutron Incorporates An Outdoor Lighting Solution

Lutron Incorporates An Outdoor Lighting Solution

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Lutron, known for its superior quality lighting and shades solutions has just announced they have acquired Limelight, a wireless outdoor lighting control system, specifically for outdoor and industrial facilities that provide remote control and management all while saving energy. We are excited for the acquisition, due to the fact we are an authorized Lutron dealer and can now expand our lighting solutions expertise outdoors.


One of the areas that we specialize and take pride in is the outdoor entertainment zones of our clients’ homes. We install a numerous amount of Sunbrites outdoor televisions along with a variety of outdoor and landscape speakers. We couldn’t be more thrilled to integrate a flawless lighting solution and since we’re so familiar with Lutron; this truly is the cherry on top of the cake.


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Let’s talk a little about the background of the company, Limelight by TwistHDM, and why this acquisition is a game-changer in the home automation field. Limelight was founded in 2008 and has been providing energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to hundreds of clients and facilities throughout the nation. You can save up to 65% in energy alone. Capitalizing on their energy savings, Limelight’s systems allow users to conserve both day and night. Facilities are intuitively balanced during peak hours of the day while set at a lower light output until activity detection during evening hours. Numerous colleges have turned to Limelight to deliver their top-notch lighting demands for on-campus facilities.


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This marks Lutron’s first venture into the outdoor lighting control space. This is something that consumers and integrators have long anticipated since the discovery of Lutron. The acquisition was a no-brainer for Lutron due to the fact that it simply integrates seamlessly into the company’s existing management platform, Enterprise Vue.


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“We chose to partner with TwistHDM because of their quality offerings, deep expertise and the strong alignment of their wireless platform with our existing software. The data available through Limelight by Lutron delivers an unparalleled experience for customers that have come to expect the usability and control of our inferior offerings.”-Scott Hanna, Vice President, Commercial Systems and Communications at Lutron Electronics.


By: Wendy Wang

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