Nexus 21 Over the mantle TV mount.

Nexus Delivers New Pro Motorized TV Mount

At AIC, we are proud partners will great companies that produce immaculate technology that we integrate into our clients’ homes. Our partner, Nexus 21, has recently come out with their newest pro motorized over-mantel TV mount. This tops all TV mounts I have seen thus far. The sleek and modern design has really minimized any excess bulky equipment that you may have seen on older TV mount models. It’s ultra-thin profile with in-wall mounting box almost diminishes the presence of a TV mount when recessed into place. And the paramount accessory doesn’t just stop there, it is equipped with a 40-degree swivel and an automated swivel return with just a touch of a button. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies with the simplicity of controlling your TV from any and all angles in one handheld device. The mount gives an illusion as if the TV is seamlessly blending into the wall as it is only 1.5” from the wall! Don’t underestimate this compact gadget; it is able to suspend TVs up to 75”. If you are deciding between an art piece or a TV to mount over your mantel, this masterpiece truly is a work of art.

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