Nexus21’s Latest Products In Motorized Solutions

Nexus21’s Latest Products in Motorized Solutions


At AIC, we are excited to show you the latest products that arrive from companies we are proud partners with. We having been using Nexus21 TV Lifts for years and they have surely met up to par with our superior quality standards. We’re already freshly into the new year and Nexus21 has wasted no time in launching a new projector drop-down lift and motorized TV mount. They plan on showcasing their new model at ISE 2019 so be on the lookout for their booth if you are planning on attending.

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The first product they’ve launched is their Eclipse Series Model E-550 Residential Drop-Down Projector(for projectors up to 23.5”W x 23.5L x 9”H). It is able to accommodate over 400+ projectors. Constructed of steel and aluminum, the projector has a 100lb weight capacity that has a 10” downward travel at 1”/sec. You can either opt for an RF remote or Control System Integration Kit.

So what’s included? You’ll get a pre-installation bracket, a ready to install E-550 housing, 3-axis adjustable universal projector mount, control box with cord, and a backup control switch all backed by a 10-year full replacement warranty. It’s swift and doesn’t make a sound; it runs at just 45dB. It blends seamlessly into the ceiling to reveal zero visual footprint. It is perfectly concealed when not in use and makes a grand performance when it’s movie time.


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The next innovative product they’ve released is their Apex Motorized TV Mount. This is the slimmest and sleekest mount I’ve seen to date. This mount has an in-wall and on-wall design that we’ve seen among their popular mounts. It recesses into the wall with the absence of any gaps. The motorized mount can also be controlled manually with their swivel technology. Integrated cable management runs through the infrastructure to eliminate pulling, crimping and tugging of wires while creating a sleek and clutter-free look. Drop-ins for power and cutoffs are incorporated into the lower end of the box while the upper part of the box allows for the mounting of your streaming devices like Roku.


By: Wendy Wang