Custom Framed TV Recessed on a Brick Wall

Recessed TV on Brick Wall


Home Theater Entertainment

KEF Soundbar 8003 Series

KEF Soundbar Installation

Two custom installed drop down TVs.

Custom Motorized Televisions

The Playbar and TV are mounted to a brick fireplace.

Mounted Flatscreen & Playbar on Brick

In-Ceiling Outdoor Speakers - Hilton Head Island

Outdoor Beach Front Audio/Video

Complete 5.1 Surround Sound System with Sonos Playbar, In-Ceiling Speakers and Sub

5.1 Surround Sound with Sonos


Custom Built in HDTV


Media Room Complete with Sonos

media room projector

Media Room Projector

Samsung Curved TV

Samsung Smart LED Curved 4K Ultra HDTV

Built-In Cabinet TVs

Built-In Cabinet TVs