A Security System that Does it All

Project Summary


This luxurious home sits on 40 acres of property in a private community/nature preserve in the heart of the Lowcountry. Because the homeowners care for many various animals, they wanted to ensure that they had complete coverage of the entire property. The camera system uses analytics and facial recognition to track people who enter the property until they exit. The Main gate and service gate features a 4-megapixel Elan analytic camera and an elan doorbell entry system so when a guest arrives a notification will be sent to the owner with images from multiple cameras and options for letting them in. Both gates utilize 30 times zoom PTZ cameras with smart analytics to follow and track entries, exits and follow any unusual activities. Temporary codes can be issued for workers to use the service gate, which are programmed to operate only during certain times. We used the same thirty-time zoom analytic PTZ cameras that adorn the front gates for the riding arena for live footage and recording playback. There are 10 horse stables: each of them featuring a 4-megapixel camera in the stable which allows for 24/7 viewing and notification alerts of the horses. An Elan doorbell allows for easy viewing of the front door and offers the ability to communicate and answer the door through any of the touchscreens, mobile devices, and/or tablets. 

ELANiPad Surveillance


Because the security and fire alarm system is part of the Elan integration family, out of the ordinary events caught by the system will trigger events based on the situation and time of day. The cameras come built with floodlights that can be triggered at night and pan with the camera, for a clear vibrant image at night. This camera works so well at communicating out of the ordinary events that the owner has actually been able to continuously track a 12-foot alligator that frequents the property. 

Because the scope of this project was so large, we had to come up with various custom solutions to ensure that the owners’ needs were met.  The owners required that all 40 acres of the property, perimeter and critical areas included,  were constantly monitored and never lost visibility.. We were able to install a robust 10 gig wired network system using fiber-optic connections, that distributes 5Ghz seamless roaming wifi so that access to the elan control system is never lost. The cameras handle security and monitoring for the working area as well as giving the client peace of mind and allowing them to operate gates how they want.

ELAN Bullet Camera Living Room

What Makes this Security system so special? 

We ensured that this top-of-the-line security system would never miss a thing. All of the cameras on property have tracking capabilities, and will automatically follow any motion throughout the property. Unlike normal security systems, you are able to filter through events much easier when looking through camera footage. For example, if something happened on the property overnight, they could specifically look for camera triggers caused by vehicles, people, etc. In addition to looking through an event list, you can also choose the timeline setting, allowing you to look for activity during a specific time of day.

For a better understanding of the full scope of this project, check out this video below!


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