Home on the Harbor

Project Summary

Project Summary 

This beautiful residence, located on the harbor on Hilton Head, features modern design and elite technology while never sacrificing the natural beauty of the Lowcountry. The scope of this retrofit project was to offer the clients seamless integration of the entertainment, security, and HVAC features of their house, keeping in mind convenience and peace of mind while they are away from home.

The control system used was an Elan Home Automation system using the Elan Control Systems g platform, offering unlimited control of the multiple subsystems throughout the house. The system is comprised of (14) 4K Distributed Video zones using an Elan 16 Channel Ultra Matrix and (12) High-resolution audio zones powered by Parasound Halo amplifiers.

The multiple outdoor audio zones are paired with 10″ Hardscape subwoofers to provide added bass. Multiple control options are available including Alexa Voice Control, (2) 8″ Elan Touchscreens, HR10 remote controls, and IOS devices making it convenient to operate the equipment. 

AIC used Access Networks / Ruckus as the very backbone of the seamless roaming wifi system, with an Access Networks wireless controller managing the (6) deployed 5Ghz wireless access points and Bluebolt technology monitoring the entire system 24/7. The camera system consists of (6) Elan 4MP Outdoor Turret cameras with full analytics while Elan Thermostats with humidity control were installed for seamless automation and reduced overall wall clutter. This is a smart home that’s sure to impress. 

The Master 

Arguably one of the coolest areas in this smart home, The Master Bedroom required our team to come up with multiple custom solutions to ensure that the project requirements were met. The homeowners wanted a large television in the master suite, while still taking advantage of the lovely view of the harbor they have from the room. This was a difficult task, as the desired placement of the TV obstructed the view considerably. To consolidate space and protect the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, we installed a 65″ Sony 4K TV that is recessed within the floor system, allowing it to lift out of a cabinet that has less height than the TV itself.

Most of the original cabinetry was used in the room, which we stained to give it a more modern look. Lutron Lighting Control and automated shades adorn the entire suite. An Elan touchscreen offers specialized system control and Alexa voice commands while keeping the walls uncluttered with redundant control devices. The Master Sitting Room includes a Sony 65″ 4K TV, (2) In-Ceiling KEF speakers, and Lutron Lighting and shades. Finally, the Master Bathroom has full Lutron Lighting, Lutron shades, and (2) overhead speakers that are part of the distributed audio system. 

Theater Room

Dedicated Theater Room:  This dedicated 7.1 Home Theater Room is decked out with a Sony Laser Phosphor 4K projector, Stewart Projection Screen, KEF Front and Rear Speakers, and a 12″ JL Audio Subwoofer. A Yamaha AVR paired with Parasound Halo amplifiers provides extraordinary audio processing and raw power.

An Elan Control Systems HR30 WIFI Remote Control and unlimited mobile devices offer endless possibilities for control and entertainment. A Middle Atlantic slide-out rack system keeps the entire system clean and manageable, while a Furman Power Conditioner provides protection from electrical spikes and unclean power. Lutron Lighting and motorized Shades provide an optimal Lighting environment for this room.

The Office

As a CEO for a large company, the homeowner wanted a fully functional office with high-speed internet, VPN, and Zoom capabilities while simultaneously wanting the office to act as a relaxing media room environment.

We integrated all of his office and video monitoring equipment into the tv system, allowing him to access zoom calling through a large OLED TV and instantly switch back to streaming Spotify music or a sports program. The TV was paired with really nice speakers and in an in-wall subwoofer that had to be integrated into the existing cabinetry and trimmed out to conceal it. There is an 8-inch analytic touchscreen that acts as an intercom system, media device as well as an Alexa portal. Lutron lighting and shades adorn the entire study, allowing for change in the room’s ambiance as well as giving the owner the ability to enjoy the view of the harbor at a moment’s notice.

One of the more impressive features of this particular room is the Lutron Shades. Since this was a retrofit, we weren’t able to do any hidden shade solutions; Instead, we were forced to surface mount Lutron Palladiom shades. We were then able to match the beautiful brass fixtures in the office, by using custom brass end caps on the palladiom shades, giving it a nice modern look.  This was especially challenging for our team because installing these custom shades requires an immense amount of precision that can only be achieved by a highly-skilled technician.

Family Room 

 We converted this existing Family Room into an inconspicuous 4K Media Room with a 5.1 Surround Sound system. A 75″ Sony 4K TV paired with a KEF HTF Series Soundbar, (2) rear KEF 8″ speakers, and (2) Front Firing 8″ JL Audio Subwoofers make this Family Room a focal point to the entertainment options within this home. Lutron Lighting and motorized Shades provide an optimal Lighting environment for this room. 

Elan Camera System and Thermostats

The security camera system consists of (6) Elan 4MP Outdoor Turret cameras with full analytics. Events can be viewed instantly without hours of searching through footage. Events are stored locally on an Elan NVR for instant playback and screen catching.  AIC has (6) Elan Thermostats with humidity control installed using remote temperature sensors for seamless automation and reduced overall wall clutter.


Gigabit Network and Seamless Roaming Wifi Systems

We used Access Networks / Ruckus as the very backbone of every aspect of the technology system. The multi wan gigabit router and  52 port managed gigabit switch provide next-level security, hard-wired connectivity, and static IP assignment to each component for system stability and to reduce overall WIFI traffic.

An Access Networks wireless controller manages the (6) deployed 5Ghz wireless access points. Bluebolt technology monitors the entire system 24/7 as a second layer of management and provides the ability to apply proactive rebooting events at times when the client’s routines would not be interrupted- a true smart home. 


We are very proud to say that this smart home project was heavily recognized at the 2021 CePro Home of the Year Awards. We won Gold in the Best before/After Retrofit Project category. We were also recognized for the work we did in the study, taking home Gold in Best Home Office/ Gaming Space.

This project also won silver in the Best Whole-House/Smart Home Project category. Our team here at AIC is very excited to be recognized for all the hard work we put into this particular project.

Check out the video below for a better understanding of the full scope of the project!


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