The New Home Theater

Projection Screens are changing the way family and friends entertain. With theaters closed over the nation, many clients are finding ways to bring the theater into their home. Upgrading from a traditional television set may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help with that transition. Advanced Integrated Controls has teamed up with Screen Innovations to bring the best projection screens, projection screen mounts and materials on the market.

When considering a projector it is important to consider your projection screen.  Not all projection screens are equal and the quality of your projection screen will effect how well your projector displays. In this blog we will discuss different kind of mounts as well as the different fabric options to choose from.

Projection Screen Mounts 


Whether you plan on a fixed screen or a motorized screen, we have many options available for every room and every price point.




FireShot Capture 171 Zero G Screen Innovations

Zero-G is a levitating motorized screen that can be placed anywhere. You don’t need to rearrange or give up a part of your room for this screen. Zero-G is versatile and can be placed wherever you want it, not where it has to go. In fact Zero-G can go places that a traditional television couldn’t! A Somfy Gen 1 Quiet Motor ensures a soft open and close and Butyl Vibration Isolation prevents the screen from swaying or vibrating.



Solo Pro 2


A contemporary design gives the Solo Pro 2 the designer’s advantage. This small cassette can come in 12 different color options and, despite its size, can produce a very big screen up to 160″! Solo comes in 3 different motor types; rechargeable, low voltage or AC. It can also be suspended from the ceiling, leaving a clean finished look.





The Motorized Series is for those who are looking for an affordable, but still advanced motorized screen. This screen features direct cut tab-tensioning and ultra-fine grit materials. These are features that you wouldn’t find in any other motorized screens available for a budget.

There are multiple case options depending on the mounting that you would like, both ceiling mount flush and wall mount external options.




Zero Edge Pro


Sometimes you don’t necessarily want a motorized screen and have a perfect spot dedicated, in that case Zero Edge or Zero Edge Pro may be perfect for you. It is a truly custom experience with nearly any option available, including an LED lighting accessory that will add ambience behind the screen to fully complement the room and reduce eye strain.





The classic fixed frame style is wrapped with a fine velvet material. Fixed can also be installed as a curved screen. This curve screen option gives viewers an immersive and exciting experience. Quality and value set the fixed screen apart from the others on the market.





Not all screens are the same. The material that is needed depends on the room, lighting and viewing angle. Even with the best projector an improper screen mixed with poor room lighting can degrade the image being projected. Some materials also allow for audio to be placed behind the screen. Allowing full audiophile sound quality without the eyesore of the speakers.


Black Diamond


Some clients find themselves wanting more light during a movie or perhaps when they are watching the game with friends and family, therefore; they do not want a dark room. Black Diamond is the perfect solution for those who would like to view the projector in a well lit room. It is the first optical screen that rejects light from above, below and on the sides. Nine layers of optical filters reject 85% of ambient light in the room. This makes Black Diamond a 900% increase in contrast over standard matte white or gray screens and the best available in the market. 




slateISS 1

Slate features ambient light rejection, like black diamond, yet an affordable price. It’s designed with a flexible ALR screen that can go up to an impressive 375″ while maintaining to superior visual acuity and uniformity standards.

Slate was chosen to be used by astronauts on the International Space Station due to its durability and unique features.



Short Throw


Short Throw is a different type of ALR screen. While rejecting direct ambient light from above and only accepting light from directly below. This ensures less light interference from overhead lights, resulting in a prominent projection. Short Throw has a nearly perfect viewing cone of 170 degrees, so it is can be viewed from off axis positions. This makes Short Throw perfect for commercial environments, large living rooms and anything in between.




Maestro Zero Edge

Maestro is for customers who would like to hide their speakers to create an immersive experience. The Maestro screen allows the speakers to be placed behind the the screen and out of sight.

Maestro is made from fine woven material and is a white viewing surface. It is best for people who are looking for the finest audio reproduction in a dedicated dark room theater.





Solar offers fine texture reproduction at an affordable price. It is a perfect front projection screen option for residential and commercial applications. Place it in a dim to moderately lit environment.  Performing best in light controlled environments paired with a bright projector.



A Projection Screen For Everyone


With our partnership with Screen Innovations, Advanced Integrated Controls is able to offer our clients reliable, future-proof projection systems for every application.