Stealth Acoustics

Totally Invisible Speakers and Subwoofers

LinearResponseG™ full range, high-output invisible speakers incorporate patented Stealth technology to provide category-leading sound quality and extended bass response, all while eliminating the unsightly grilles and bulky boxes of traditional speakers.

The award-winning line of Made In America totally invisible speakers and subwoofers, utilize injection molded frames, low profile high-power cone woofers, Neodymium tweeters and multi-stage crossover networks to deliver unmatched warmth, realism and depth of sound.

From foreground music systems to home theaters; board rooms to conference rooms and masking systems, Stealth provides you with the most capable and best sounding family of totally invisible architectural speakers available in the world.

Introducing the all new LineaResponse X™ (LRX) family of expert-grade invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics. Incorporating advanced carbon fiber materials, new lamination processes and enhanced driver sets, the LRX Series is Stealth’s growing line of the highest performing and best sounding invisible speakers on the market today.

For demanding audiophiles that seek impeccable audio performance yet desire the aesthetic benefits that only true invisibility can offer, Stealth’s new LRX range raises the bar for invisible speakers to an unprecedented level.


Your Invisible Sound System

Stealth Acoustics LineaResponse G™ (LRG) family of cost-effective and proven invisible loudspeakers rival the sound quality of comparably priced visible speakers.

The Stealth LRG series are award-winning invisible speakers with extremely broad coverage and ultra-smooth extended frequency response. This makes any speaker or subwoofer in the LRG lineup a great choice for a highly reliable and incredible sounding invisible sound system. With five full-range models and two subwoofers to choose from, there is a solution for any requirement.

Exceptional Sound. Zero Aesthetic Pollution.

Stealth’s LineaResponse B™ (BG) Series Subwoofers deliver bold bass output for extra impact with zero aesthetic pollution. Audiophiles no longer need be bound by the limitations of the traditional box-type external subwoofer. The full-sized B30g and the compact B22g install seamlessly into the walls or ceilings of a room and, like the rest of Stealth’s invisible offerings, become completely hidden when finished into place. These subs provide exceptional bass and room coverage with frequencies extending as low as 20Hz. Sold and designed to be used in pairs, these invisible subwoofer solutions will solve many installation and aesthetic problems while giving listeners that deep bass they desire – whether it be for distributed audio or theater/surround sound applications.

Your Hilton Head Stealth Acoustics Professionals

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