Enterprise Grade Systems

Today’s homes need a network infrastructure upgrade

Increasingly, homes have similar needs to businesses when it comes to networking.  The amount of data flowing to any given home, and the number of devices connecting, means that to ensure a reliable, stable and fast connection, enterprise-grade hardware is beneficial.  Instead of “plugging and unplugging” your router all the time, imagine if you installed capable, scalable networking systems that served you for years to come!  That’s the promise of enterprise-grade networking systems, whether for business purposes or the home.

We recommend and install the following enterprise-grade network hardware

Access Networks provides enterprise-grade networking equipment designed for residential use.  Not only can you trust this for your home, it’s also used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe.


You want WiFi that won’t let you down.  That’s where Ruckus comes in.  Advanced Integrated Controls recommends Ruckus Wireless for our clients WiFi needs.  Get amazing performance and reliability to not only stream video, but to allow your WiFi network serve as the crucial backbone for your smart home system.



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