Sonos offers hifi amplifier option.

Sonos luanches a true high fidelity amplifier solution.

With 125 watts per channel, Sonos Amp supports high-fidelity sound for even the most demanding speakers.  All of this power makes Amp the most versatile amplifier for powering all of your customer’s entertainment.  We’ve included an HDMI ARC port for a seamless TV Audio experience.  Use Amp to add stereo sound to a TV or as surrounds for an existing Sonos setup.  Or, use two Amps to create an immersive 4.0 or 4.1 surround sound experience – no center channel required.  And for your customers that need an additional audio input, like for a turntable, we retained the analog line-in.

Beyond the hardware, we’ve got new APIs that help provide deeper integrations with Works with Sonos (and other) partners and help you create seamless smart home control for any project.  Just like Beam, One, Playbase and Play:5 gen2, Amp has AirPlay 2 built in.  And because we made this product for you, the integrator, we’re including some awesome software additions like Dual Mono (for Amp), Volume Limiting and WiFi Disable.  Volume Limiting and WiFi Disable will be system wide for all Sonos products when that software ships this fall.

When we set out to design this product, we looked to you, our integrator partners, for input into how we could improve our products you use most, which we’re now calling Architectural Sound products. Amp fits into standard racks and is a compact and elegant solution for any AV installation. You can also mount it , tuck it under furniture or display it beautifully in a room.

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