Sonos Update: Alexa Plans to Control Sonos

In recent posts we spoke about Amazon’s Echo working together with Nest and Lutron to provide a more comfortable, user friendly environment. With that being said, Alexa can help you manage multiple smart home technology products now including Sonos Wireless Speakers!

It hasn’t started just yet, but rumor has it that come early 2017 users can voice control Alexa to play specific songs, choose which room to play, skip tracks, pause, ask what song is playing, pause, etc. The software update will be free to all Sonos users and there may be a beta version coming out soon.

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Good for Google fanatics, but what about Apple users?

We haven’t heard yet whether or not Sonos will will partner with Apple to voice control music through Siri, but Alexa is certainly paving the way.

Stay connected and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more about this topic!

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