Technologically Pass Time While the Kids in School

School has recently started (sound the happy alarm)! The kids are back in school, perhaps you have a little more ‘me time’ on your hands. Maybe it leaves you with the urge to curl up with a hot cup of coffee or tea, a book and learn something new for yourself. Thankfully and luckily we live in the age of technology; there are so many options to help sate these urges. Here are two ways to technologically pass time while the kids are in school.

Read an eBook to pass the time!

Perhaps you love reading physical books, or prefer your ebook; no hate. I say, reading makes the world go round. There are wonderful new books getting released this fall that I can’t wait to get my little paws on. Some of them are scholastic, others (most of them) are pure guilty pleasures (don’t judge me). I’m looking at you Dan Brown (Origins; Releasing Oct. 3), Mark Frost (Twin Peaks- The Final Dossier; Releasing Oct. 31) and Deborah Harkness (The Serpent’s Mirror; Releasing Nov. 2).  I cannot wait for these titles to be released.

You can never go wrong with a good Podcast!

But if reading doesn’t sate your urge for knowledge, or it just isn’t your thing, there are endless options available that are free or cost less than paying tuition. I sing the praises of Podcasts. I listen to podcasts on any walk I go on, and I walk a lot. You don’t have to stop your busy life because podcasts are great for learning on the go. Additionally, they are a wonderful source of knowledge, and information. A few of my favorites include ‘Myths and legends’, ‘what you missed in history class’, ‘the history chicks’, ‘weird history’, ‘neurosciences and behavior’, ‘star talks’, ‘hidden brain’ and ‘how stuff works’.

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There are also fantastic free options like ‘Khan Academy‘, and ‘open2study‘, where you can look for anything that interests you from Maths to History and Philosophy. Some prestigious universities, such as Harvard, Princeton, USC Berkeley and MIT, offer free online courses. If you want to brush up on college study, or to challenge yourself. Some of these classes are quick courses, and others are a semester’s worth of information. Its comparable to auditing a class in college.

The options for learning are almost endless. So long as you have the will to learn and the access, everything else is a matter of time. Happy fall and may the leaves ever be in your favor (and not your yard).

Guest Blogger, Emma Beazley


What are your favorite adult learning apps? Are you looking forward to a new release? Let us know! Comment below.

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