The Inside Scoop on 4K

2014 is already flooded with headlines about 4K; 4K playback, 4K streaming, 4K processing, 4K this and 4K that.

Don’t worry, 4K is not the new fad in town like 3D. 4K is a quick way of describing technology that is cabable of picture resolutions four times higher than full HD (aka 1080p). A lot more pixels means more clarity, detail, and image precision. Despite questions around price and content for 4K, 4K is the future and cannot be denied. Pricing for 4K televisions and projectors should start to drop as the year progresses.

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We all need to stay calm and cool when it comes to 4K. It is extremely important to seperate fact from fiction when it comes to choosing a 4K set. The bottom line is that for a lot of applications 4K really isn’t needed. The human eye simply cannot distinguish between high resolution and ultra high resolution on lets say a 32″ LED television, but a 70″ LED is a completely different story. The difference in resolutions at that size would be very clear.

While there isn’t yet much content for 4K, be sure that 4K is the next phase in the future of television. To our Bluffton, Hilton Head and Palmetto Bluff clients, keep this in mind and please feel free to give us a call before you head out and buy a brand new 4K TV.

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