Outdoor Audio Tips

Spring is finally here and summer isn’t trailing far behind. We can already smell those burgers! The perfect place for a summer shindig is an outdoor entertainment area and what is an absolute to get a party started? Well, music of course! Sure, you can open your windows and use your SONOS Wireless Music, but have you thought about outdoor speakers? Let us help you plan with our outdoor audio tips.

Choose a Speaker Style

Outdoor speakers come in a variety of styles, from in-wall/in-ceiling models (good for lanais and covered patios), wall-mountable models, to rock-shaped speakers, and in-ground speakers – like Rockustics. Many speakers, such as rock or planter speakers, are designed to blend in with the surroundings. Only use speakers designed for outdoor installation, even if your deck is covered. Make sure your speakers are designed to withstand the weather that occurs where you live.

Speaker Placement

Outdoor speaker placement can be trickier than in a media room or home theater. Outside sound travels. It can travel into the yard next door, or not far enough so you’ll have “sound drops”. Placement needs to be thought out carefully, which means you should schedule a walk-through with an audio visual expert.

For large yards, landscape speakers that look like landscape lights, like Sonance Outdoor Landscape Speakers, can be used to evenly spread the sound. Because low frequencies have very large waves, they tend to dissipate quickly, so an outdoor subwoofer is a good option.

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When you sit in your media room or home theater, you probably understand audio zoning and its importance in creating a perfect ambiance. The same goes for an outdoor music system. Multiple outdoor audio zones can be very helpful, even for spaces that aren’t very big! The pool area, the BBQ area and a patio, or lanai can all be considered separate zones. Each zone can be installed to play different music, or play the same music at different volumes. The kids in the pool might want to turn up the volume, while the adults standing around the grill want to tone it down.

Speaker placement also comes into play here. If one seating area is closer to the speakers than another, someone’s going to be blown away with music while another person keeps cranking it up. Being able to control the volume and source independently makes the yard more enjoyable for all.

Overall, creating an outdoor experience is determined through planning and execution. Here at Advanced Integrated Controls, we are committed to carrying out our clients audio video visions. We’ve been delivering the best in class custom audio video excellence in Hilton Head, Palmetto Bluff and Bluffton since 2006. Take advantage of the LowCountry! Let us help you design and install your outdoor music system right the first time.

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