Elan Home Automation System

Project Summary

This home is powered and controlled by the Elan Home Automation System. The system controls the Lutron QS Lighting Control and Lutron Thermostats. Furthermore, the Home Automation system operates the Concorde 4 Security System and IC Realtime Outdoor IR Cameras.

Also, the builder on this project provided a dedicated A/V closet. The closet houses all of the Lutron panels, misc electrical panels, and the A/V thermally managed rack system. The A/V rack system consist of the Elan Home Systems g! Processor, Sonos Amplifiers, HDMI Switches, Video Camera DVR, Panamax Bluebolt surge protection and energy management solution. Additionally, a 24 port Gigabit switch is used for all available network devices.

Mike Morgan Construction was the contractor onsite. He helped coordinate the outstanding outcome of this project.

Project Photos

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