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Project Summary

One of our favorite challenges as audio video experts is designing home theater solutions that meet the expectation for both husband and wife.

In this particular situation, the husband wanted a home audio system in the master bedroom with undeniable power. Moreover, he wanted it to be big. Really big! On the other hand, his wife was very hesitant as she didn’t want a big, bulky system to get in the way of her relaxation. So, what did we do?

We designed and installed a concealed large surround sound 132″ projection screen, that completely disappears within the ceiling. This is a complete 7.1 distributed Digital Surround Sound System, utilizing 7 invisible Stealth Acoustic in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. This system is controlled with a URC Universal RF Remote Control System. We had so much fun with project; every product disappears when it’s not on – EVERYTHING!

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