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"The Ketra mission is to make light an integral part of the human experience."

Who Is Ketra?


Ketra was founded in 2009 by Horace Ho, Jason Lewis, and David Knapp, three visionary engineers with a passion for connecting the analog and digital worlds. Together, they developed a driver chip that addressed the deficiencies of typical LED lighting, while also improving the performance and range of the light source. Since then, the company has progressed significantly and is now considered a premier lighting company. In 2018, Ketra was acquired by Lutron, the world’s leader in lighting controls and shades. Now working together, we're pairing transformational light with world-class controls and shades for the ultimate leap forward in lighting personalization—seamless control of daylight and electric light.

Why Ketra?
What sets them apart?

Ketra’s system was built from the ground up with custom power electronics, precision optics, and a proprietary driver chip to deliver beautiful, high-quality light that is unrivaled in the marketplace. Ketra has received over 70 patents for their award-winning innovations including:

· High Def Palette covers a wide range of 16.7 million colors, including pastels, saturated
colors and high CRI whites spanning from 1,400K to 10,000K.
· Dynamic Spectrum precisely tunes the amount of energy across the visible spectrum to
produce the following solutions.
- Natural Light that follows the Black Body Curve and automatically shifts throughout the day to
mimic outdoor light.
- Natural Dimming that follows the Black Body Curve and mimics incandescent experiences —
dimming to 0.1% and 1,400K to rival a candle’s flame.
- Vibrancy, an industry-first capability, manipulates the spectral power distribution of white light
to reveal vivid color from artwork and treasured objects.
· TruBeam a breakthrough optical system, produces color uniformity across a wide range
of beam spreads.
· Color Lock maintains your desired color point at a one-step MacAdam Ellipse across all
Ketra product families and over each product’s lifetime.

Leave the day behind and enjoy the most natural dimming experience in the industry

Warm dimming

What is warm dimming?


  • “Warm dimming” refers to a light source’s gradual shift from a cooler “daylight white” at higher levels of brightness, to a warmer, amber color at lower light levels.
  • Research has proven that humans prefer this natural shift and typically find warm shades of amber more appealing.
  • Even though humans have a preference towards natural lighting, typical LEDS tend to produce a bright white light which is overall unappealing, even for those with dimming capabilities. As a typical white LED is dimmed, it simply produces less blue and less yellow light. The white light is the same color, there’s just less of it because the color temperature is never changed, resulting in a flat colorless dim. 




Ketra Vs. Traditional LEDS

  • Unlike typical LED lighting, Ketra generates white light by combining multiple, saturated red, green, and blue primary light sources with a phosphor converted white LED. Because Ketra combines the white LED with varying amounts of red, green, and blue light, Ketra’s white light can be gradually adjusted to match the dimming curve of a traditional light source, such as an incandescent lamp -- shifting to a more amber color as it’s dimmed. The result is a warm dim curve that is pleasing and more natural than typical LED lighting. 
  • Ketra's Dynamic Spectrum LED solution produces a warm, natural dim.

White Vs Full Spectrum LEDS

  • Not all tunable lED systems can produce a natural dim. While they have some dimming capability, tunable white systems typically create a warm dimming effect by mixing together two color channels such as a warm white LED and a cool white LED. Color is tuned between two color points, such as 5,000K and 2,700K and can never reach lower than 2,700K. To get a real natural dim effect, the light source should be able to go down to 1,400K and lower. Further, in order to emulate the amber shift, the color must be tuned as it is dimmed - a capability that is unique to full spectrum lighting solutions like Ketra. 
Ketra Vibrancy

Ketra Vibrancy

If you collect artwork or have pieces that you want to standout in a room, then Ketra is the lighting solution for  you. Vibrancy is Ketra’s unique ability to tune only the individual colors that make white light at a given white-correlated color temperature (CCT). In other words, you’re not tuning the color of the light—you’re tuning white light, such that it reflects off of objects in the way that you want.

Vibrancy allows us to change the recipe of how white light is created to enhance a space—and the things in it, allowing designers and occupants to take personalization to a new level. ketraVibrancy goes beyond tailoring light for a space and actually fine-tunes it to reflect uniqely off of specified objects, section of a home, and artwork, showcasing them exactly as  intended.

See how the scenes below affect the atmosphere and enhanse the subjects in the rooms

night out

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