Ketra Lighting

Advanced Integrated Controls is proud to be the ONLY local dealer for Ketra lighting!

Ketra + Lutron: In Perfect Harmony

Ketra lighting creates light that shifts with the sun throughout the day, dissolving the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Ketra works seamlessly with Lutron’s premium lighting controls and shades to create powerful and personalized smart spaces—providing the ultimate in intelligent lighting solutions.

Ketra daytime lighting with Lutron
Ketra sunset lighting

Simple Elegance

Flexible lighting solutions to fit any mood or moment and evolve with your space.

Set the mood with stunning scenes that engage and inspire at the touch of a button.

Flexible & Timeless

Experience dynamic natural light, a limitless range of whites and colors—and a flexible, wireless control system for creating customized designs as your space evolves.

Ketra downlighting

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Questions About Ketra Lighting?

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