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Durable Weatherproof TVs

What good is outdoor entertainment if you don’t have a reliable weatherproof television, or an outdoor TV enclosure? Not very!

AIC is a dedicated Hilton Head, Bluffton and Palmetto Bluff dealer for SunBrite TV and Seura. We also custom build our outdoor TV enclosures to provide a more durable option for our clients.

Here’s a little product information on what SunBrite, Seura and TV enclosures can do for your outdoor entertainment area.

Outdoor HDTV

Seura Weatherproof TVs

Seura is well known for their mirror TVs and now they’re making a big splash in the outdoor entertainment world with there elegant, ultra thin and ultra bright 4K weatherproof TV’s. They offer 2 different series; Seura Storm and Seura Storm Ultra Bright.

Storm Series: Similar to SunBrite’s Signature Series, the Storm is best for shaded locations, such as covered patios and porches. They’re finished with an antiglare screen, include a Seura waterproof remote and can withstand temperatures as low as -24F and as high as 122F.  The Storm has 4 screen sizes to choose from, ranging from a 42” to an 84” and they’re very thin, 2.7” to be exact!

Storm Ultra Bright Series: The real difference between these two is that the Storm Ultra Bright can be seen in high glare environments, even directly under the sun. Their LuminOptics technology is a fancy way for saying they are very bright and have a high anti reflective coating. It can withstand low -30F temperatures up to 140F, the weatherproof remote is included and it’s only 3.7” wide.  The Storm Ultra Bright has 5 screen sizes ranging from 42” to 84”, perfect for uncovered decks, patios and pools.

Outdoor SunBrite TV

Custom Outdoor TV Enclosures

Outdoor TVs are designed to last, indoor TVs however, are not designed for outdoor use. With the help of our design team at AIC, we can custom build an outdoor TV enclosure to help your indoor TV last longer outdoors. Complete with durable safety glass, security locks and cooling fans, our TV enclosures will add a custom touch to any outdoor entertainment space.

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