Transient Protection Design

An important fact about being a homeowner is to always be prepared for an event before it happens. As homeowners, we prepare ourselves for “what if” situations all the time in order to protect our loved ones, valuables, and homes. Consumers purchase insurance to protect against fire or flood, security systems to protect loved ones and valuables, lighting systems to lower energy costs and environmental footprints, however, there is one major situation that homeowners do not always consider preparing for in advance - lightning strikes and/or electrical surges.

Yes, many homeowners install small individual surge protectors in select locations of the home like at televisions or AV racks, but why not consider surge protecting your ENTIRE home? Electrical surges can happen at any given time without warning and can come from internal or external sources.

Here at AIC, we offer the product line Transient Protection Design (TPD). TPD is a surge protection company that offers a large line of surge protection solutions to protect your entire home. A surge is an impulse of undesired electrical energy in the electrical system. Small surges can cause electronic malfunctions and glitches. Large surges can degrade or destroy electronic components.

Electrical surges can come from outside of the home (example: lightning, etc) or inside the home when the equipment is turned on/off (example: air conditioners, dish washers, laundry machines, etc). These electrical surges are able to travel through the home’s internal wiring reaching various devices throughout the home. Lightning can travel through cable/satellite lines, copper lines, security cameras, etc when it strikes at the home or within a 1/4 mile radius of the home. The only way to safe guard your home from electrical surges and lightning is to install TPD devices in carefully planned locations throughout your home. Ideally, TPD devices should be installed at all breaker panels, all incoming cable lines, and any copper lines on the property.

Transient Protection Design can protect your home equipment investments from costly, unforeseen expenses due to brown outs and surges. Momentary surges can cause equipment to lock up and need re-programming and/or re-setting. Over time these issues degrade a once flawless operating system. TPD suppresses potentially damaging surges that your home encounters. High frequency noise can be filtered to harmless levels.

The utilization of a Transient Protection System will:

  • Increase System Reliability
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Reduce Equipment Down Time
  • Reduce Electrical Maintenance & Equipment Repair Costs
  • Increase Productivity & Uptime

TPD Offers Surge Solutions for the Following:

Power Panels and Disconnects

Power Panels TPD

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Systems

Modems, Routers, Switches, & WAPs


Outdoor Speaker Lines


Internet, Satellite, Cable & Phone Lines

cable internet starlink

Outdoor Cameras

outdoor cameras

HVAC Systems


Pool & Irrigation Equipment


Gate Control

gate electronics

Access Control Systems

access control

Generator and ATS


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