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Introducing Lutron Palladiom Thermostats

Subtle Elegance for Any Space

Buttons and faceplates are flush to each other and feature consistent material to create a clean, minimalist look. The Palladiom thermostat coordinates aesthetically with Palladiom keypads for a finished look throughout the home.

Palladiom thermostats feature a large, backlit display so they are easy to see and use. The display and button backlighting adjusts automatically for viewing in any light.


Features and Benefits

You can use the Lutron Connect app to monitor and adjust temperature when you’re away as well as when you are home, an amazing feature for vacation homes.

Always know when your system is running. Heating and cooling icons animate on the LED display when in use.

Remote temperature sensors allow you to mount the thermostat on exterior walls, near entryways, or on walls that receive direct sunlight.

Never worry about leaving lights on or coming home to a dark house. You can utilize geofencing to automatically turn off lights, close shades, and set back temperatures when you leave your home. You can also have lights, shades, and temperature settings change as you arrive home.

Most Thermostats Waste Money

Automated, or smart thermostats, can control up to half of your homes energy. Surprisingly  that's more that appliances, lighting, TVs, computers and stereos combined! Yet, consumers are still skeptical and lack the understanding that smart thermostats, like Nest Thermostat, are guaranteed to save you more money.

Solution to the Problem

89% of programmable thermostats waste energy: about $173 a year, on average. They're so complicated that most people don't bother to program them, or they end up programming the thermostat incorrectly. If the smart thermostat is correctly programmed, you can save about 20% on your heating and cooling bill.

Smart Thermostat Control

Climate Control Convenience

Nest Saves Energy Automatically

All you need to do, is manually change the temperature for a few days to teach Nest. After that, Nest Sense kicks in and how your home uses energy. Then Nest will start activating features to save you more energy. It’s that simple! Even better, almost all thermostats are made for “forced air systems”, but not all systems are forced air. With System Match, Nest activates custom energy-saving features depending on the system you have.

Nest is Convenient

True Radiant is a Nest exclusive that gives you a predictable schedule and even heat. No more frustrating guessing about what temperature to set when. Nests exclusive Heat Pump Balance feature optimizes how often you need to use expensive auxiliary heat. Just choose whether you want more comfort or more savings, and Heat Pump Balance will automatically adjust when AUX comes on.

Save Energy, Save Money

A dirty filter can cost you 5% more on your heating and cooling bills. Nest keeps track of how long your system has been on and lets you know when your filter needs changing. Every month Nest will send you an Energy Report which allows you to see how long your system has been running each day and get tips to save more energy and keep more money in your pocket.  Nest also offers a game changing feature by allowing its users to add a passcode to their thermostat, eliminating the possibility of kids or guests adjusting the temperature without your knowledge. 

Are you still second guessing whether or not you should go with Nest, or any other smart thermostats? Then give AIC a call. We’ll send one of our experts out to your home and personally share with you all the benefits of choosing a smart thermostat. In the mean time, check out this article for even more information on the newest generation of the Nest Thermostat. 

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