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Flush mounted technology with Trufig

Great design is about attention to detail. Traditionally, technology compromises the flow and integrity of any space. There is very little consistency across industrial design, variations in color and sheen, standard or screwless faceplates, square or rounded corners.

In addition, devices protrude out of the wall or ceiling creating distracting shadow lines. Unfortunately, code, safety and convenience dictate they be there. While traditionally technology compromises the flow and integrity of any space, TRUFIG offers solutions to seamlessly incorporate technology into any room.

TRUFIG is a revolutionary design solution that allows technology to be mounted completely flush into the wall or ceiling. Clean lines, without unattractive shadows compromising the flow of a space.


Trufig receptacles and other technology are flush mounted
Trufig light controls

Trufig blends discreetly into your design

TRUFIG delivers precision alignment and a consistent aesthetic across a variety of devices from different manufacturers and allows them to blend discreetly into the environment without compromising the design vision of the space.

The fascias can be painted, faux finished, wallpapered or laminated for unlimited versatility in your design.

As part of your custom audio video project, AIC can incorporate TRUFIG's technology.


TRUFIG solutions for power receptacles allow outlets to hide in plain sight with TRUFIG fascias that can be painted to blend in with the surrounding surface. TRUFIG Mounting Platforms provide precision alignment and placement to maintain architectural design.


Blank Fascias

TRUFIG magnetic Blank Fascias provide space preservation for receptacle outlets in instances where code may dictate but where an outlet may not be desired. TRUFIG Blank Fascias leverage the TRUFIG Mounting Platform and Trim Component system to allow the fascia to be placed right over the receptacle, making it vanish into the surface.



TRUFIG Mounting Platform, Trim Kit, and Fascia systems are designed to blend third party Keypads into architecture for a sleek and luxurious finish. The Keypads can be precision aligned and flush mounted into the surface.

Trufig light controls

Dimmers and Switches

TRUFIG mounting systems are designed to blend third party dimmers and switches into architecture for a sleek and luxurious finish. The control devices can be precision aligned and flush mounted into the surface.


Data Jacks

TRUFIG blends third party Data Jacks into surfaces to eliminate the distraction of bulky connection jacks along the wall.


Ipad and Touchpanels

TRUFIG solutions for iPad allow surface mounted iPads to be moved into the architecture for a sleek finish that is flush-mounted, revealing only the functional surface of the iPad. TRUFIG Mounting solutions are now more flexible to support the form factors and charging requirements of all iPads, including those equipped with USB-C.TRUFIG solutions for Touch Panel are designed to precision-fit specific automation hardware models for design-centric control solution that blends into the architecture.


HVAC Solutions

TRUFIG offers Register Vent Grilles that come in a variety of sizes and designs to allow venting that matches the style and décor of the space with a clean, flush finish.

Made of glass fiber and reinforced gypsum, TRUFIG Linear Diffusers use a solid cast design, offering high-performance engineering without sacrificing architectural aesthetics.  The surface can be primed and painted like any other gypsum finish material.


Sonance Speakers

Sonance offers both the Architectural Series and Invisible Series of speakers and subwoofers that seamlessly blend high-quality audio performance with the aesthetics of any space. Check out our page for Sonance speakers lines here!

Bluffton TRUFIG Installation & Setup

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