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How COVID- 19 Has Slowed the Internet

In the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed things moving a bit slower online. Perhaps you’re having login issues or certain services are loading at a snail’s pace. Video calls may be dropping and the work you normally accomplish at the office is taking longer to do at home. A lot of people…
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Lutron Palladiom, A Tradition of Excellence

Palladiom is Lutron’s masterpiece, a flawless, highly sought after shading system with over 50 years in the making. With every great design, there is even greater design roots. Lutron’s Palladiom takes inspiration from the foundations of modern art, featuring Bauhaus roots, Scandinavian design concepts and International modernism. Palladiom offers innovative elegance with groundbreaking technology.  …
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How To: WiFi Calling

Did you know you could use your wireless network to make phone calls with your cellphone? WiFi calling is easily one of the most overlooked features on our phones. What is WiFi Calling? WiFi calling allows you to make and receive calls through your wireless network instead of your cellular network.   Why Would I…
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Transcend Into TV With Nexus 21

As wall mounting televisions became the norm, we have missed something along the way. There is without a doubt, elegance in the way we are able to place thin televisions on the wall and over a fireplace.   After all, it wasn’t that long ago that our televisions took a large floor-space in our living…
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Stop Hiding Your Router

We need to discuss something very important. Recently I have come across numerous life hacks on the internet on how to hide your router. Life hacks are a very trendy topic and everyone is jumping ship to show off how useful they have made ordinary products, or in this case how well they can hide…
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Myths and Misconceptions About Home Automation

Home automation is gaining popularity. With more popularity comes even more disinformation. In this blog we are going to break through some of the greatest myths and misconceptions about home automation.    Automating my home will cost too much money. That sounds expensive! You don’t have to automate your whole home at once. You can…
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