In-Ceiling Speakers & In-Wall Speakers

In-ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers are designed to save room while providing an elegant aesthetic and high powered audio.

They also allow for a larger projector screen, or television for any media room or home theater.

AIC is a dealer and installer for in-wall speaker and in-ceiling speaker companies like Niles, KEF, Stealth Acoustics, Martin Logan, Sunfire, Waterfall Audio, and Speakercraft.

Inceiling Speakers in Palmetto Bluff
In-ceiling Speakers in Palmetto Bluff

Common In-Ceiling and In-Wall Options

Traditional in-wall speakers: These speakers fit into a square, rectangular, or round hole cut into the wall. They create a much higher audio performance and acoustic superior result.

• Rimless in-wall speakers: Designed to sit flush in the wall. These type of in-wall speakers can come with a fabric grill to look less like a speaker, but still produce powerful quality in sound.

• In-wall subwoofers and in-ceiling subwoofers: Use a sound box to make deeper audio signals to make for a more powerful in-wall speaker experience especially for in-wall home theater systems that don't have room for a small traditional subwoofer.

• In-wall speakers: These sit behind the drywall and are for those who do not want to see any of the speakers, but still want to feel like they are sitting in their very own home cinema.

What Works For Your Home?

There are many types of in-ceiling or in-wall speakers and each one has their very own responsibility to your home theater or media room. Don’t stress out when trying to choose which speaker will work best for you. Instead, give Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) a call and we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation with you and one of our audio video experts.

In-ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers in a modern home

Brands we Trust

Waterfall Audio

Waterfall Audio

Waterfall Audio Waterfall Audio is a French company that has mastered the art in the creation of glass speakers. The goal is to achieve the best acoustical and visual residential solutions for end users. Waterfall audio allows its unique design...
Elan In-Ceiling and In-wall Speakers

Elan In-Ceiling and In-wall Speakers

Elan's newest line of architectural speakers help deliver exceptional entertainment experiences for systems of all sizes. From the leaders in whole home integration comes audio technology that speaks to the sound signature that people have come to expect for ELAN....
JL Audio’s In-ceiling and In-wall Subwoofers

JL Audio’s In-ceiling and In-wall Subwoofers

The same minds that engineered JL Audio's reference-grade Fathom® and Gotham® powered subwoofers have created amazing in-wall subwoofer solutions, centered on purpose-engineered, thin-line drivers with patented technology. The results are in-wall subwoofer systems fully worthy of the Fathom® name, with outstanding low...
KEF In-Ceiling and In-wall speakers

KEF In-Ceiling and In-wall speakers

KEF is a true powerhouse in the audio industry, offering different lines of speakers, no matter what your needs are. KEF’s comprehensive collection of in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers offers exceptional performance from models designed to disappear into their environment....
Martin Logan’s Architectural Speakers

Martin Logan’s Architectural Speakers

Martin Logan, leader in electrostatic technology, is no stranger to architectural speaker design. They offer various high-end lines of In-Ceiling and In-wall speakers that offer discreet and high performing distributed audio.   Masterpiece CI A tribute to the acoustic achievements...

Customer Review

Got 12 in-ceiling speakers working in new home

"Purchased home with 12 ceiling stereo speakers and 2 exterior and requested Advanced Integrated Controls to get all speakers working."

- Will Charlebois

Bluffton In-Ceiling Speaker Installation

On every project, we aim to deliver high quality, crystal clear sound.

Our goal is to ensure the best music and home theater listening experience possible.

We design and install custom audio video projects in:


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Project Spotlight: In-Ceiling Speakers

5.1 Surround Sound

5.1 Surround Sound

A picture perfect installation. Literally!  In the living area, AIC installed a 5.1 surround sound system. Complete with a 58" Panasonic HDTV, Elan in-ceiling speakers, a Sunfire Subwoofer and a Denon AVR. Additionally, the living room and master bedroom are part of a Key Digital...

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