DMF Lighting

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Next Generation Downlighting

DMF's DCD modules are brilliantly crafted for performance, flexibility, and efficiency. They feature an integrated driver that’s easily replaceable, giving you the perfect combination of simplicity and utility. DMF has precision-crafted trims to meet every need, whether you want a diffused glow or a narrow spotlight, an eye-catching trim or one that disappears.

DMF downlighting - DCD series
DMF cylinder lights

Cylinder Downlights

Mix and match to create the light you need for the space you want. The DCC Cylinder is our most versatile product. Choose from a wide range of options to customize mounting, beam angles, lumen outputs, finishes, trim and shade options, uplighting, and more.

Surface Mount LED Area Lights

Bigger, brighter, bolder. This minimalist downlight takes everything that makes the original DRD5S exceptional, and expands on it. This area light can fill a room with inviting, accurate illumination.

DMF surface mount LED area light

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