Irrigation Control

Automate Irrigation & Save Water

Irrigation control is an integral part to conserving more energy and more money! Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) utilizes Elan Home Systems for all of our clients home automation needs, including irrigation, or sprinkler control.

With Elan, AIC can help you control any sprinkler and/or planter drips by setting schedules coordinating with the sunrise and sunsets. You can also manually adjust schedules, or manually start your sprinklers right from the palm of your hand with an iPhone or Android. After our expert program your new irrigation automation system, it will keep a history of water usage so you can determine ways to save more water.

Irrigation With Elan
Irrigation with AIC

Controlling Your System is Simple

Be prepared to save your plants from drowning and save thousands of gallons of water in your landscaping with Elan Home Automaton Systems. As seasons come and go, your plants are going to adjust and need less, or more water. Of course, when it rains your plants aren’t going to need as much water. If you don’t take these things into consideration when choosing the perfect irrigation system, you can loose thousands of dollars worth of landscaping.

Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) will take the time to program your system right the first time. We’ll also show you how simple it is to control your sprinklers and how easy it is to adjust timing when it’s necessary. Take a few moments and give AIC a call so we can help you save more energy and save more money, hassle free.

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