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Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) is the #1 SONOS Wireless Music Speaker Gold dealer in Savannah, Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head. SONOS is a system of wireless speakers, sound-bars, and audio devices that give the user control of endless collections of audio sources. SONOS is the first digital music system that lets you play all your digital music throughout your home and control it all from the palm of your hand. Best of all, you don't need a remote control, keypad, or touchscreen in every room to have complete control!

Sonos Playbar
Wireless Music Sonos


Simply put, SONOS is an advanced and user friendly streaming audio system. It's the only system of its kind that allows limitless options when it comes to music content and control. Which is what sets it apart from any other wireless audio system.

There are countless companies manufacturing amplifiers and self-contained wireless speakers. Many of them even brag how they support Airplay or Bluetooth, but the reality is that nearly every home technology product can Airplay or connect to Bluetooth. So what sets SONOS apart?

SONOS is the only dedicated audio system on the planet that lets you access streaming music services, local radio (FM/AM), iTunes and dedicated music library's (NAS Drives and such). Evermore, external audio sources like turntables and super audio CD players can be used anywhere from a single user friendly application.

With SONOS apps available on Android, iOS, PCs and MACs, you have to ability to control the system from anywhere in your home!

The Important Parts and How We Use Them



The SONOS BOOST is the link to your network, but with a far better signal; a complete 360 degree signal through walls and ceilings. It is a high power signal amplifier used to strengthen the range of SONOS Wireless Music Systems by 50 percent. If you are experiencing “dead spots”, then the SONOS BOOST may solve all your problems. Another great way for you to enjoy your music in every room within your smart home.



The CONNECT is the heart of most systems if you already own a preexisting audio system. Consider the CONNECT to be like a CD player. It has both analog and digital outputs to connect up to your existing stereo.


Connect Amp

The versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment. Enjoy high-fidelity performance with 125 Watts per channel. Stream everything you love with the Sonos app and Apple AirPlay. Connect your TV to create the ultimate entertainment system

play 1

Play 1

The PLAY 1 by SONOS is an all in one compact speaker. It is idea for small rooms where soft ambient music is your preference, but pair two of these little monsters with a SONOS SUB and watch out, these things will perform.

play 5

Play 5

The PLAY 5 can fill a pretty good sized space with music. It has a very handy handle on the back to make it super easy to tote outside on your screen porch!

sonos sub


The SUB can be added to the PLAY 5, the PLAYBAR, or any speakers driven by the CONNECT AMP! It adds the extra bass you'll need for the impact of movies or music listening. We can help you set it up with your SONOS components for best performance.

sonos playbar


Finally a SONOS wireless speaker bar! With 9 drivers, the PLAYBAR is a perfect way to improve your TV audio. Best of all, turn off the TV and you'll have access to all the music in the world as it then acts just like the other SONOS components. The SONOS PLAYBAR paired with the SONOS SUB is simply awesome. A true home cinema like experience!



The PLAYBASE is perfect solution for those who want a dedicated “off the wall” approach towards a sound bar. This can be difficult when the TV ends up on stands and furniture. SONOS  launched the PLAYBASE for that exact reason. “Its low profile design practically disappears beneath your TV, yet it fills your entire viewing room with epic home theater audio.”

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