About Electrostatics

There are two different types of floor standing speakers; conventional driver speakers and electrostatics. Electrostatics are very different from conventional loudspeakers in that they very dynamic. Some may consider these type of speakers to be more superior. Reason being the amount of technology that go into the manufacturing process.

Martin Logan Tower Center Speakers
Martin Logan Neolith

How do Electrostatics Work?

Between two thin perforated metal plates is a very thin diaphragm. So thin that you can literally see through the tower. When high voltage is applied, the electrically charged diaphragm move between the two charge plates, called a push/pull action. Once the speakers receive enough voltage, together the diaphragm and plates produce audio. Because the membrane is so thin there is less weight. Meaning a more accurate sound can reach a higher frequency. Therefore they are better for those mids and highs.

These type of speakers are not recommend for deep lows (bass). They should be paired with a well crafted subwoofer, then you’d be amazed at their audio quality!

Advanced Integrated Controls has partnered with Martin Logan, leader in the electrostatics. We strive to give our clients the highest quality options available. Stop by our showroom in Bluffton for a Martin Logan demonstration.

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