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Our Custom Audio Video Services

Adding a custom affect to your audio/video equipment is a specialty of Advanced Integrated Controls. Motorized audio/video solutions is a sure way to add a custom, high quality touch to your home. Motorized solutions are quiet, dependable and offer complete control using your smart phone, tablet, or Universal Remote Control (URC).

Lutron Shades And Blinds

Lutron offers a variety of fabric options. With many colors and textures to choose from, AIC can program and install total blackout automated shades, or dim-out fabrics to help shade your home from the sun. Automated shades can drop and raise from the ceiling, or open and close from the sides of the window frame. Integrating electric shades into an smart home design allows the homeowner to have complete control over their lighting options.

Electric Projector Screens

On the contrary to popular belief, projector screens are extremely versatile. You don’t necessarily need to have a dedicated home theater to enjoy a true home cinema experience. Electric projector screens are operated by a motor that can raise or lower the screen. We can ceiling flush mount the screen to allow the screen to completely disappear when not in use. Being able to tuck away your unused screen, means having a projector screen in a master bedroom, main living area, or media room isn’t that uncommon.

Hidden Storage Compartments And TV Lifts

AIC has partnered with Nexus 21 TV Lift Systems so that we can offer our clients the best hidden motorized options and TV lifts. We have the ability to hide away liquor cabinets, hidden storage lifts for firearms, and personal safes.

We also have the ability to custom install TV lifts into nearly any piece of furniture, allowing our clients to customize their dressers, countertops, armoires and credenzas into a personalized media cabinet. With Nexus 21, we can install a motorized ceiling drop down TV. The television will flip down, or drop from the ceiling when in use, then tuck back away when you’re finished.

Motorized Outdoor Patio Screens

Motorized outdoor retractable screens for porches and patios expand outdoor living spaces, helps screen from bugs and assists with controlling heat from the sun. Our home automation experts can program these screens to lower during the hottest part of the day; a real energy saver!

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Bookshelf and Towers

Floor Standing or Tower Speakers These days its common to think tower speakers are only popular with older generations. When in reality their timelessness and acoustical power offer a more distinguished listening experience. Floor standing speakers provide pure audio clarity and balance, something any dedicated audiophile would appreciate. As a result, AIC views them as commodities, not old-fashioned music systems....


There are two different types of floor standing speakers; conventional driver speakers and electrostatics. Electrostatics are very different from conventional loudspeakers in that they very dynamic. Some may consider these type of speakers to be more superior. Reason being the amount of technology that go into the manufacturing process. How do Electrostatics Work? Between two thin perforated metal plates is...

In-Ceiling and In-Wall

These types of speakers are designed to save room while providing an elegant touch with a built in high powered audio feel. They also allow for a larger projector screen, or television for any media room or home theater. AIC are dealers and installers for in-wall/in-ceiling speaker companies like Niles, KEF, Stealth Acoustics, Martin Logan, Sunfire and Speakercraft. Here are...


Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) is the #1 SONOS Wireless Music Speaker Gold dealer in Savannah, Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head. SONOS is a system of wireless speakers, sound-bars, and audio devices that give the user control of endless collections of audio sources. SONOS is the first digital music system that lets you play all your digital music throughout your home...

Speaker Bars

Commonly referred to as soundbars or center speakers, speaker bars are arguably the most important in a home theater or media room. If you’re looking for a surround sound setup but are lacking the ability to have front or rear speakers, speaker bars are an easy way to upgrade any television into an incredible home cinema experience. Even Sound and...


Subwoofers originated sometime in the 60s, but their popularity skyrocketed in the 70s, arguably the music era tipping point. Today subwoofers play a very important role in completing a surround sound, or home theater system. So whether your hope is to being able hear the rumbles from your favorite action movie, or feel the beat drop in your favorite song,...

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