Projector Lifts

Hidden Projectors (For When It's Not Movie Night)

One commonly overlooked hidden solution is the projector lift. A mechanism housing a home theater projector that extracts from the ceiling. When not in use, the projector seamlessly lifts back into the ceiling, concealing itself until the next movie night. With that being said, projector lifts can also be integrated into conference tables. When ready to be used, the projector lifts up from the table, then drops back down when not in use. Making projector lifts perfect for both residential and commercial environments.

Projector lift in Hilton Head home theater
Projector lift in Bluffton home theater

Why Use A Projector Lift


As stated before, projector lifts are often an afterthought. However, when you’re investing in a home theater projector, more consideration should be given. One option to consider is security. Depending on the type of projector that was purchased, you could have spent hundreds, or thousands of dollars. Maybe you don’t want that much money hanging from the ceiling - literally. With a lift, you only see the projector when it’s on. Afterwards, it’s safely hidden away in the ceiling, or conference table.


So, you’ve finally talked your wife (or husband) into having a dedicated home theater room. Only downfall is that she/he finds the projector to be this big, bulky thing hanging out in the middle of the room. Or, let’s say you pitched to your boss the importance of having a projector to display needed information during conference meetings. However, he doesn’t want the office to look displeasing to potential clients. With a motorized projector lift, the housing matches the same color of the ceiling, or whatever surrounding you and our design experts decide on. They’ll never know it’s there until it’s needed.

Show Off Your Concealed Projector

Let’s be real for a moment. We tend to buy things just to show it off to our friends and family. That’s completely understandable and AIC wants to help you do just that! How neat is it that a projector lift is cleverly hidden away until you press a button on your phone, iPad, or Universal Remote? Even more, how cool would it be to completely automate your entire home? AIC can do all of that. We can automate projector lifts, motorized screens, Lutron shades, lighting, outdoor bug screens and more!

AIC has partnered with Nexus21 to offer our clients the best possible solutions for projector lifts. Don’t hesitate to meet with our experts and discuss your motorized solutions.


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