Martin Logan’s Architectural Speakers

Martin Logan, leader in electrostatic technology, is no stranger to architectural speaker design. They offer various high-end lines of In-Ceiling and In-wall speakers that offer discreet and high performing distributed audio.


Masterpiece CI

A tribute to the acoustic achievements to their electrostatic speaker design, the Masterpiece CI is the pinnacle of discreet architectural speaker design. These speakers feature lightning fast, low distortion, Folded Motion XT Obsidian Tweeters. The Masterpiece series also has flagship-class Vojtko crossover networks and unidirectional carbon fiber multi-section cone drivers with a Nomex backer, offering the boldest, most life-like performance possible.

If the constraints of your design prevent you from having In-wall speakers, they offer on-wall frames transforming the Masterpiece series into an On-wall option.


Motion XT CI motion xt ci 604a8073169dd

The Motion XT CI series uses the larger surface area of the Folded Motion XT tweeter to provide even more clarity, output, and efficiency. MartinLogan engineers have combined this incredible tweeter with high performance woven Kevlar woofers, and a more substantial chassis to elevate the performance to the next level. With the Motion XT CI, the difference is in the details.








Motion CI

Featuring the Folded Motion Tweeter(FMT), these speakers provide incredible detail, precise clarity, clean output, and high efficiency. When the tweeters are pairedmotion ci 604a804ec7f6a with lightweight woven fiberglass woofers, the Motion CI delivers a clean and balanced sound that is perfectly suited for any application. Though priced lower than a lot of other Martin Logan products, the Motion CI nevertheless gives you a true high-end audio experience, just at a more affordable price.









Helos Series helostm series 5a15d1650ddfa

Helos Series speakers deliver legendary MartinLogan quality and performance in compact, high-resolution in-ceiling loudspeakers. Models feature aimable neodymium soft dome tweeters, high-rigidity aluminum cone woofers, and proprietary Vojtko crossover topology.









Installer Series installer seriestm 5c58d0261fe10

If you’re looking for an affordable line of high performance products, featuring custom installation solutions for in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor applications, then look no further. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, these products are available through authorized specialty custom installation specialists and carry the full MartinLogan warranty. Two in-wall options provide the perfect solution for any room—from a small 2-channel system to a large multi-channel home theater.Two all-weather in-ceiling options take the superior sound of MartinLogan into environments where humidity prevents the installation of traditional speakers.









mda series 5df155d2c0b74MDA Series

MDA Series are the most flexible and adaptive distribution solutions available today with fully matrixed distributed audio with easy-to-use room correction, delivering dramatic levels of performance where it matters. With full matrix switching capabilities of analog and digital inputs, and independent room correction with ARC® Genesis in each zone, MDAs allow you to install robust audio solutions throughout a home or business.










AIC is proud to be the primary dealer of Martin Logan architectural speakers for Bluffton and the surrounding areas!