Trufig by Sonance – The Art of Camouflage

AIC has always been a huge fan of creative design. There is nothing that we love more than having to think outside of the box to make our clients’ home automation dreams come true. We strive for seamless designs in our builds that don’t overpower the aesthetic and architecture of the stunning multi-million dollar homes we are blessed to work on. TRUFIG by Sonance is one of the partners we work with to make our clients loftiest ideas come to life.

Trufig by Sonance


What is Trufig?

In essence, Trufig creates solutions to make normally visually unappealing outlets and touch panels blend seamlessly into your smart home. Your AC power plugs and sockets will be flush thanks to Trufig’s patented mounting system and those gaudy white face plates are a thing of the past. Trufig will match your faceplate to match the texture and pattern of any drywall, wood or stone surfaces. They can also provide a flat faceplate to cover unused outlets – you can’t even tell there’s an outlet behind it. Trufig’s mounting system can be applied to any surface that needs a panel or display inserted into it. 

Trufig got its founding after Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencers created Sonance; Their goal was to create speakers and mounts that could be placed inside or outside the home and be perfectly camouflaged into its surroundings. They designed speakers and woofers that can be installed in your smart home to sit flush and blend into the surface or all the way invisible with zero visible footprint. Either option provides the same exceptional audio.

Sonance realized its mounting system could be modified to work for smaller components as well and Trufig was born. With the rise in smart homes and the use of a smart assistant to manage that smart home, a need for iPads and touch screens mounted in easily accessible places became a must. The first generation of these were bulky, stuck out from the wall and were a general eyesore that was an unfortunate necessary evil. Now those same controls can be a place of pride. An iPad can be installed flush into any surface with a charging system right in the wall, so it never has to be a hassle. TRUFIG is a revolutionary custom design solution that allows technology to be seamlessly installed completely flush into walls, ceilings, back splashes, vanities, and so much more.