Consider Upgrading or Renovating during periods of Inflation

Inflation is a word we have become all too familiar with. Within a year inflation has doubled, and the Feds have been clear on the fact that we can count on it to continue. Unfortunately, that has dark effects on our home values. While real estate is not the best way to accrue assets now, there are some things we can do to protect our current investments and advance our homes at the same time.

There are two ways to advance our current home situation: Renovation or Upgrades. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.



Renovations can be a lot of fun or a huge hassle depending on how you look at it. It can be messy and inconvenient. Active construction is happening in your home and makes it extremely inconvenient to reside there while the work is in action. A long-term rental is usually in order which is essentially moving twice; out of the home you own and back again. Even finding acceptable long-term rentals can be a challenge in today’s market.  Finding contractors, an architect and getting permits can be challenging if you aren’t familiar in the field or active in the renovation/construction community. 

Renovations can also be very satisfying. Reinventing your home can be inspirational and the planning stage can be very exciting. Walking your home and imagining all the things it can blossom into is like mentoring a treasured student. All the potential at your fingertips can be intoxicating and hopeful. Seeing the construction come along, and then seeing your dream become a reality can be exceptionally satisfying. It makes the inconveniences all worth it.




Upgrades have their own ups and downs; it can be costly but also terribly enjoyable. Lutron, a prominent player in the Home Automation game, has seen costs rise by 25% in the last year and a half. This is common across the technology field but has its reasons. The best Home Automation equipment is made in smaller batches in countries like France, Germany and the US as opposed to being mass produced in China or Taiwan. Quality equates cost. Upgrading can also be dizzying. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds every year and it can be hard to keep up with. It can be defeating to invest in equipment only for a shiny new model to come out a few months later.

Just how the advancements in equipment can be intimidating, it can also be a huge opportunity to learn about what you can transform your home into. I can guarantee that there is a Home Automation solution for a problem you didn’t even realize could be solved. Every aspect of your home can be controlled in the palm of your hand by your phone. You can talk to your home, so your AC or heat is able to be turned on and off remotely, same with lights and anything electrical. You could even heat up your toilet seat on demand from miles away. Your favorite music can play through every room at the best quality you have ever heard at the touch of a button. Custom control panels can be seamlessly installed into convenient points in your home. All of this will increase your home value without having to do construction or deal with the headaches renovations can bring. It can also be much more fulfilling. For the same price as a renovation, multiple Home Automation solutions can be installed giving you “more bang for your buck’. Also worth taking into consideration is the savings that can be associated with energy cost. 


Renovated Home Theater Room

Renovated Home Theater


AIC can also help you make the wisest choices about what equipment to get to make it the easiest to continue to economically keep your Home System up to date. 

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