Orchestrated Elegance

Project Summary

The scope of this new construction was to offer the clients an exceptional state of the art theater experience without it impeding the house design and decor. The family room was the main area of choice for entertainment and while a television was acceptable, it did not meet the husband’s cinematic desires. AIC was tasked with creating the ultimate sound and theater room that could appear and disappear on command. This is where AIC chose to implement products that blend art and technology for the ultimate experience.

The Theater Experience

The family room required multiple custom solutions to satisfy both of the homeowners needs art and sound. Neither could be compromised. One wanted a simple television, the other wanted a cinematic experience. The solution was to use lifts for the screen and projector to add or remove the large theater equipment from the room and then pair both with artistic stand alone speakers that add to the home’s ambiance.

During the daytime and typical viewing, an 83” Sony OLED is precisely mounted on a custom granite ornate wall for daily television viewing. The wall is a main centerpiece & focus of the room with the intricate details in the granite sparkling in the natural light. The next step was to elevate the experience to a theater level and add a drop down projection screen. AIC technicians designed the room for a 130” recessed, motorized tab tension ultra while 4K projection screen to be installed and discreetly drop down precisely in front of the 83” 4K Sony OLED upon command.

The projection screen is paired with a Sony VPLXW6000ES Laser Home Theater projector. This particular Sony projector is all native 4K with ultra pure and reliable laser light sources bringing the user the best image processing. The laser projector is concealed in the ceiling and is housed in a chief automated lift allowing it to be retrieved and hidden upon command. A Kaleidoscape Terra Prime movie server and Kaleidoscape 4K Strato C Movie Player were chosen as the source to provide the ultimate immersive theater experience.

The Sound Experience

This dedicated 9.2.2 entertainment room is not your typical sound system. Not only does the system components transform into a theater, but the speakers serve as beautiful art additions to the room.

There are (2) glass Waterfall Niagara Tower Speakers with a glass Waterfall Elora Evo center speaker at the front that add to the beauty of the granite wall. To have the ultimate hidden surround sound and add to the artistic decor, AIC added (6) custom installed in-ceiling glass Elora Evo speakers and (2) in-wall JL-Audio Fathom subwoofers. This system is truly a testament of where technology meets artistic design.


The family room/theater system utilizes a Nice smart home system for operation. The homeowner may use his custom programmed HR30 handheld remote or his NICE app for system control. This particular homeowner was very familiar with adjusting sound fields, formats, displays, ratios, and enjoys being able to access all of these hidden features and readily wants to do so himself.

AIC technicians custom programmed specific settings and commands so the user could make any changes at any time giving the homeowner total creative freedom in his sound space.


You can see this project featured in the December 2023 issue of Local Life Magazine!

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