River’s Edge Retreat

Project Summary


Off of the May River’s edge sits an elegant 7,800 square foot retreat. A remarkable property which features a luxury home, a guest house, and a pool house fit with a personal gym. This project integrates the residence and provides the client with superior amenities. This property features Elan control systems, uniquely concealed televisions, multiple impressive sound systems and extraordinary lighting solutions. Quickly glimpse what Advanced Integrated Controls brought to this incredible property.

Equipment Used

(31) Lutron Roller Shades
(22) Zones of Fire and Security Detection
(11) 4k Distributed HDTV Zones
(9) Zone high resolution distributed audio system with Zektor matrix for full lyp sync control.
(1) Custom outdoor music system with
◦ (2) 10” In Ground Bomb Tomb subwoofers and
◦ (4) Speakercraft 6” Landscape Speakers
(1) Suera Waterproof TV for the Master Bathroom
◦ paired with the overhead speaker system
(1) Rear Porch Entertainment area with
◦ (2) Sunbrite TVs and
◦ (8) In Ceiling Speakers
(1) 6′ x 5′ custom mirror TV (Sony 55”)
◦ paired with a full 7.1 surround sound system and
◦ integrated in wall subwoofers
(1) Access Networks / Ruckus Enterprise network and 5 Ghz WiFi system
Bluebolt / panamax battery backup and energy management system.
42 space climate controlled centralized rack system.

Advanced Integrated Controls objective was to provide our clients with an exceptional integrated home. River’s Edge Retreat features countless innovative amenities as well as the best in premium entertainment. With the considerable size of the property, it was imperative that Advanced Integrated Controls could provide the client with an exceptional network solution. We utilized multiple access networks using Ruckus Enterprise and a 5 Ghz WiFi system. This creates a fluid WiFi platform throughout all of the structures on the property. A strong wireless network was crucial so the clients could utilize the vast array of automated features in their home. Full Elan integration allows the homeowners to operate many different aspects of their property; allowing control over the many entertainment features, window shades, along with the pool and spa.


River Edge Retreat Project Scope

The scope of this project was to create a home that would integrate boundless features for an effortlessly automated property. It was also essential to provide our clients with the best entertainment solutions available while not taking away from the natural beauty of the residence.

Televisions are necessary a feature in all homes; however, they can become a burden and bog down the décor and focal points of the home. The foreroom is an elegant room. Including wainscoting, and vaulted ceilings, which are decorated with beams.  Uniquely designed mirror above a magnificent fireplace. Upon first glance this impressive 6′ x 5′ mirror may seem ordinary, but it is far from typical. Hidden in plain sight is a 55” Sony television. When turned on, the visuals are not distorted by the mirror. But when turned off, the television is completely concealed. This mirror television, was designed exclusively for the client, by Advanced Integrated Controls in our showroom.

Concealment does not end in the foreroom. River’s Edge Retreat contains a delightful kitchen for a chef who loves to cook. Spending time in this exceptional kitchen, the owner wished to watch television and to be able to hide the television when not in use. Advanced Integrated Controls installed a custom flip down cabinet in the kitchen for the this television.

A total of (11) 4k distributed HDTV zones were placed on this stunning property. A Suera Waterproof television, paired with an overhead speaker system, was installed in the master bathroom for an upmost relaxing and tranquil experience. The rear porch incorporates two Sunbrite televisions and eight in-ceiling speakers for an ultimate outdoor entertainment center. The pool and spa area contains its own custom music surround system, featuring two 10” in-ground Bomb Tomb subwoofers and four Speakercraft 6” landscape speakers.

The home’s architectural design features the use of natural lighting. Around the house windows provide ambient light; however, when it is time to draw the shades the owner will not have to do it all by hand. We installed 31 Lutron roller shades. So the homeowners would have proper lighting without any inconveniences that come from manual shades.


The Retreat Customer Needs

The customer came to Advanced Integrated Controls seeking the latest technology to keep their home efficient, easy to maintain and comfortable. The design of this impressive property made it imperative that technology would not disrupt the home’s décor, but enhance it.

Efficient and effortless maintenance. With a full IOS and Android capability, along with Elan HR series remote controls, the owners can manage their pool and spa, lighting experience, and entertainment areas inside the residence, or away from home. This gives the owners the luxury of starting up the spa before arriving home to relax. Installing twenty-two zones of fire and security detection.  Giving the homeowners a comforting peace of mind.

With the multitude of automated features energy management and backup became necessary. The Bluebolt / Panamax Battery Backup and Energy Management system was installed. This system will benefit the homeowners in the event of a power outage while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency. Surpassing expectations this system will proactively schedule and service upon the systems needs.

Advanced Integrated Controls used the most current technologies to help our clients create a home that was intuitive and easy to use.  Creating televisions that would hide away when not needed; along with premium entertainment in multiple areas of the home. An ultra-reliable wireless network solution keeps the home running efficiently as well as providing the clients with superior service despite the vast size of the property. Easy to control Lutron blinds help maintain the flow of natural light without the hassle of opening and closing blinds throughout the day.

Advanced Integrated Controls is proud to have worked on River’s Edge Retreat. And given the homeowners a home of their dreams. This beautiful property has been a pleasure to work on. Blessed to have the opportunity to bring the latest technologies as well as our superior service to this alluring home.

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