Berkley on the Bend

Project Summary

When you think of the Low country it brings to mind the sounds of nature, the marsh views that are unlike anywhere else in the world, beautiful sunsets, and country living. Technology doesn’t really seem to have a real place here, yet most of us still depend on some type of technology to get us through our day to day. Take a tour inside this beautiful Low Country home which is not only rich in beauty and craftsmanship, but also boasts one impressive Home Automation and A/V System.

The Automation System is smart. Really smart. Unlike a lot of “Automation Systems” which simply give the user a bunch of useless apps, the Elan system actually acts as the manager within the home and directs the home’s sub systems;  the HVAC, Security, Lighting Control, Shades, and A/V system to start working together. Most of us already have one or all of these systems, why not let them work together logically. Here’s an example; if you have ever had a typical security system in your home then you have probably noticed a motion detector mounted somewhere near the front door or maybe in a garage entry. Sometimes these even have an annoying little red LED light that signals every time you walk by it. This device knows every time someone walks by it, yet it is only used for detecting the presence of an intruder during an event that may never happen. So it’s basically a useless device 99% of the time. It doesn’t have to be. An Elan Automation System lets common devices that we already have communicate and work together to make sense so that the same motion detector that once did next to nothing can now be used to trigger a set of pathway lights. Simple Elan and Lutron interfaces are used for remote and local control of Lighting, Fans,  A/V, Security, and an overall reduction of wall clutter. This home is packed with 105 Lutron QS wireless lighting zones, 6 fan speed controls, 31 Lutron Keypads, Elan WIFI remotes, 12 7″ Elan Touchscreens, and has full Apple IOS and Android mobile control from anywhere in the world yet doesn’t have piles and piles of electronics throughout the home.

The A/V system isn’t shabby either. This system sports (4) Sony 4K full HDR video zones and (17) distributed audio zones. Since the Living room and the Outdoor Sitting Room were the primary focus for TV watching we chose the Sony A1E Series OLED HDR TV’s with local 4K Apple TV streaming players as the source. This enabled us to keep the video source local to the TV’s which in turn offers the highest picture quality available, all while eliminating the need for excessive HDMI converters, cabling, or extenders. An Autonomics high resolution music streamer offers studio type of sound throughout the home and outdoor areas.

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