Majestic on the Marsh

Project Summary

Majestic Marvel

The Majestic on the Marsh is just as its name implies. It is a majestic, luxurious residence that resides off the banks in the Low Country.  The innovative and broad architectural design allows the entire 285 foot home to share the stunning Atlantic marsh views.

Advanced Integrated Controls assisted C.S. Thomas Construction and G2 Designs to deliver the homeowners a state-of-the-art home technology solution based on their clients specific needs and desires. The Majestic features a full Elan Home Automation and Integration system with multiple interface options. Some of these include five Elan HR10 WIFI remote controls, two Elan 8″ Intelligent touchscreens, and full mobile device control.  A 5GHz seamless WIFI system blankets the entire house and the outdoor entertainment areas.


Majestic’s Layout

Main room and entertainment area contain an impressive 85” Z9G Master Series Sony Television which is paired with five in-ceiling type speakers and a 10” in-wall subwoofer. This provides a full 4K digital 5.1 surround sound system.  Apple 4K TV that features full IOS/Android support and a simple to use ELAN HR10 remote.

The kitchen and master bedroom both feature an 8” ELAN touch screen. This allows for full control over the home in the most convenient areas for the homeowners.

Outdoor entertainment is essential with such a breathtaking property. AIC installed a 55” Sunbrite TV on the screened porch, overlooking the marsh. A pair of KEF Ventura Series 6” all-weather outdoor speakers were installed for high quality and reliable sound.

The Majestic on the Marsh was carefully designed to feature the elegance of the marsh. With that in mind, the windows had to be treated with specific style of shade. The Majestic features the exclusive Lutron Palladiom shades. The owners can control their lighting and shades easily through Alexa, ELAN system or Android/ IOS.


The Majestic on the Marsh Project Scope

The homeowner came to AIC because they needed a custom and reliable home technology solution for their home. The unique and wide style of The Majestic could challenge a full integration system and limit wireless connections if not done properly.

The homeowner requested an easy to use, fully integrated home. From one controller the client wished to control the lights, temperature, shades, tv, sound system and more. Advanced Integrated Control’s key focal point was creating a system that can be used by the client intuitively and effortlessly. With the desire to control all aspects of the home it was important AIC installed the most user-friendly reliable system.

The Majestic was designed to accommodate guests and because of this, the home needed a reliable WIFI solution as well as extra video and audio zones. The homeowner also had to ensure that guests would be able to easily utilize the connected features of the home.

Outdoor entertainment is a must when you have such an extraordinary view. The homeowners asked AIC to make sure the outdoor entertainment was not just weatherproof, but also durable enough to withstand the salty marsh.

The Majestic showcases the marsh with astonishing architectural detail. Its vaulted ceilings and wide windows create an open and relaxing atmosphere. The colors of the ocean, seagrass, and the sky illuminate throughout the residence. It was important that the window treatments would accentuate the home’s aesthetics instead of overtaking the view. The homeowner requested easy to use lighting control that could be utilized through touch, talk or tap.

The basis of this integrated home is the seamless WIFI system. AIC installed a Ruckus gigabit 5GHz seamless WIFI system. This system allows for seamless coverage for both inside and outside the residence. With a strong network in place, AIC was able to create a flawless integrated system using ELAN.

ELAN has been recognized as the most user-friendly platforms available. The homeowner would have access and control over their home using the different ELAN touchscreens, HR10 remotes or utilizing voice controls with Alexa. The system is also fully compatible with IOS and Android systems. This ease of use allows the homeowner to make changes to the home’s many automated features. Some of these features include heating and air, lights, pool, security, and entertainment throughout the home

To create a flawless entertainment system throughout the house AIC utilized 11 distributed 4K video and audio zones. The Majestic features nearly 30 in-ceiling speakers for full distributed audio coverage throughout the home as well as 13 televisions for unlimited entertainment in any room. The main entertainment room features a 5.1 surround sound system with a fully enclosed in-wall subwoofer and backbox. An impressive 85” Sony Z9G Master Series television provides state-of-the-art 4K resolution with unparalleled detail. Outdoors, AIC installed a 55” 4K Sunbrite TV and KEF Ventura Series 6” all-weather speakers to withstand the elements of the marsh.

It was essential that the Majestic’s window treatments were perfect so AIC installed Lutron Palladiom shades. These handcrafted luxury shades provide a reliable and beautiful solution. For easy to use lighting control, AIC utilized Lutron’s lighting control solution. The Majestic features custom engraved keypads, and is easy to use control using either Alexa or the ELAN home system.

AIC installed an ELAN video doorbell system for added security. We also installed a Panamax Bluebolt system to protect the technology inside the home. With the Bluebolt system, AIC will be able to remotely access the Majestic if the homeowner is having any troubles with their system, giving the homeowner a peace of mind.

Majestic on the Marsh represents the advancement of technology in our homes. The homeowners were able to receive everything that they requested from AIC, in a system that is not just intuitive and easy to use, but also aesthetically pleasing.

The Majestic on the Marsh Equipment List

  • (1) Sony 85” Z9G Master Series (XBR85Z9G)
  • (1) Sony 77” OLED A9G Master Series (XBR77A9G)
  • (1) Sony 55” A9G Master Series (XBR55A9G)
  • (1) Sony 65” A9G MASTER SERIES (XBR65A9G)
  • (1) Sunbrite 55” (SB-5574UHD-BL)
  • (1) Sunbrite TV Dust Cover for Veranda and Signature Series (SB-DC-VS-55A)
  • (6) Sony 55” (XBR55X950G)
  • (2) LG 24” (24LJ4840-WU
  • (1) Yamaha 7.2 Channel Aventage 4K Ultra HD network A/V receiver with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (RX-A1070)
  • (1) ELAN 4K Ultra HD HD Base-T Extender Set with IR (ELAN EL-4KHDBT-KIT-40-IRS)
  • (12) Apple TV 4K- 32 GB
  • (5) ELAN HR10
  • (2) 8” Intelligent Touch Panel (ELAN EL-ITP-8-WH)
  • (6) ELAN HDBaseT Extender Set (EL-4KHDBT-KIT-70-E-ARC)
  • (1) Atlona HDMI EDID Recorder/Writer with Serial Control (AT-ETU-SYNC)
  • (1) ELAN Home Systems g! Controller 10 port Processor (ELAN gSC10)
  • (1) ELAN Video Doorbell Interface System (EL-DB-BR)
  • (1) Zektor Pro Audio 16×16 Audio Switcher
  • (2) ELAN 12 Channel Powered Amplifier (A12)
  • (1) Autonomics eSeries Music Streamer (AU-MMS-3E)
  • (1) Panamax Bluebolt 8 Outlet Energy Management Solution (M4315-PRO)
  • (1) Panamax Power Conditioner with spike protected outlets and noise elimination (MR4000)
  • (1) WattBox Rack Mount Power Distribution unit (WB-100-RSW-8)
  • (1) Luxul Epic 5 Dual- WAN Gigabit Router (LX-AABR-5000)
  • (1) Luxul 52 port gigabit switch with PoE (LX-XMS-5248P)
  • (1) Ruckus  Wireless Controller (C120)
  • (5) Ruckus Dual-Band Wireless AP (A610)
  • (1) Ruckus Outdoor access point
  • (3) Lutron remote power module (HW-RPM-45A-120)
  • (5) Lutron HWQS Designer Wired see touch 6 button (HQWD-W6BRL-WH)
  • (7) Lutron HomeWorks RF Designer Phase Selectable Dimmer (HQRD-PRO-SW)
  • (2) Lutron HomeWorks RF 600W Dimmer (HQRD-6ND-WH)
  • (5) ELAN 8” In-Ceiling 2 Way Speaker (EL-600-IC-8)
  • (1) Speakercraft Accutune 10” (ASM59010)
  • (22) ELAN 800 Series 6.5” (EL-800-IC-6)
  • (1) KEF Ventura series 6” All Weather (KEF Ventura 6)

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