The Campus

Project Summary

The Campus embodies the natural surroundings of the Low Country with four connected buildings that create a breathtaking private courtyard. It was essential to establish a network that will have seamless WiFi connections between buildings. It was also important to have two impressive conference rooms and a remarkable presentation room.

Upon planning, it was imperative that there would be no loss of wireless connection throughout the campus. A Cisco Miraki 5Ghz WiFi system was installed. This allows for seamless WiFi hand-off throughout the buildings and the courtyard. There is a total of twenty zones of distributed audio throughout the four buildings. As well as twelve outdoor speakers for a flawless integrated audio system. Outside four Elan outdoor IP cameras were installed.

There are two conference rooms, each with 85” Sony 4K televisions. These televisions are paired with overhead sound systems and 4K Apple televisions. This allows for easy to access, yet discrete, AirPlay options.

The one dedicated presentation room includes stadium seating. This allows the entire room to share the impressive 150” 4K Sony Video Wall, along with a custom 11.2 surround sound system. In order to create the video wall, four Sony 75” 4K televisions were mounted using Chief Mounts. To create the immersive 11.2 surround sound system a custom Leon HZ55 Soundbar was used alongside KEF in ceiling speakers, Sunfire sub woofers and Parasound Halo Amplifiers. Most impressive of all is that this can be utilized with ease by an Elan touchscreen.

When not in use for presentations the presentation room can be dedicated for gaming. There are four individual PlayStation 4s each using their own 75” Sony panel as their display. Which makes this room, and campus, truly remarkable.

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