New Improved Nest Thermostat

Yesterday the Nest debuted a sleeker, larger screen with 229 pixels per inch; 40 percent bigger! They also updated the user interface too, making it a lot easier to read temperatures, messages and alerts.

Not only does it look much better, but there are a few new perks, one of which is Farsight. With the current Nest Thermostat you have to be at least 3 feet away to “wake it up”. With the 3rd generation smart thermostat, it will wake automatically when it senses movement in the room.

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Furnace Heads-Up is another new feature that all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation thermostats will be able to use (older generation Nests will add this feature later this year). Furnace Heads-Up is designed to let you know when your Nest Smart Thermostat senses possible issues with the home’s heating and will report it directly to your monthly Nest Home Report.

Nest Smart Thermostats learns your homes heating and air patterns, which in turn “can save you close to 12 percent on your heating bills and 15 percent on your cooling bills,” according to the head of marketing for Nest, Maxime Veron.

If you’re interested in the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat, it’s only $249. There is rumor that the 2nd generation thermostat pricing will drop soon, which you can still get while supplies last.

If you have any questions about the Nest Learning Thermostat, feel free to leave a comment or contact our home technology specialists at Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) in Bluffton, SC.

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