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We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area as the Lowcountry. What better way to show of this stunningly unique environment to your gusts than a custom audio/video setup?

Advanced Integrated controls has been creating outdoor audio/video entertainment spaces such as outdoor home theaters, outdoor media rooms, and landscape music since 2006. AIC can help bring your favorite movies, music, and sports teams to the outdoors. Whether your goal is to entertain many guests outdoors or to just enjoy a family movie night on the back porch, AIC can help you find a custom automation solution for any occasion.

Worried about the logistics of it all? Don't be! AIC has partnered with multiple reliable technology companies such as SunBrite, Rockustics, Niles, Elan Home Automation Systems, and Sonos to offer you outdoor specific audio/video technology. These include weatherproof televisions and speakers, speakers that blend in with the outdoor scenery, and outdoor subwoofers. For a more advanced outdoor setup, AIC can also custom make and install television enclosures with custom TV frames installed with high powered fans for thermal management and a locking system for security. These are great for commerical use with patio entertainment availability as business owners don't have the hassle of bringing their televisions indoors before locking up for the night.

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What We Do

Landscape Speakers

Landscape Speakers Music can be mood setting, even mood changing. Being able to carry your music with you wherever you go is a luxury most refuse to give-up. Completely understandable. Quality sounding audio is arguably the most important when it comes to home entertainment and it becomes more crucial in outdoor environments. We take the time to design your outdoor...

Outdoor Subwoofers

During our outdoor audio/video walk-through with the homeowner, an important decision is to be made whether or not to add an outdoor subwoofer. Outdoor subwoofers are responsible for the bass. Outdoor subs are an essential addition for a richer, more powerful audio experience.. With the help of our vendors, Sonance, Niles, Rockustics and Earthquake, outdoor subwoofers can suit any space,...

Outdoor Televisions

What good is outdoor entertainment if you don’t have a reliable weatherproof television, or an outdoor TV enclosure? Not very! AIC is a dedicated Hilton Head, Bluffton and Palmetto Bluff dealer for SunBrite TV and Seura. We also custom build our outdoor TV enclosures to provide a more durable option for our clients. Here’s a little product information on what...

Pendant Speakers

Outdoor Pendant Speakers are a stylish way to deliver high quality sound outdoors. Just like Outdoor Landscape and Traditional Speakers, there are many speaker sizes to choose from. AIC can hang or mount these hanging speakers, but are popularly hung from areas that have high ceilings - restaurants, shopping areas or in churches. Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) has partnered with Episode, Roukustics, SoundTube and Earthquake. Our vendors deliver...

Traditional Outdoor Speakers

Traditional Outdoor Speakers Any outdoor audio equipment will eventually become subject to all types of weather, especially here in the Low Country. To subside headache and money wasted, reach out to Advanced Integrated Controls to ensure your traditional outdoor speakers are carefully selected and then installed. We have over 10 years worth of expertise and have built strong, long lasting...

Your Bluffton Outdoor Audio Video Professionals

We take pride in designing and installing Outdoor Audio Video projects in homes and businesses throughout Hilton Head, Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff, Savannah, Beaufort, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (843) 836-5700 to discuss getting your project started!