Myths and Misconceptions About Home Automation

Home automation is gaining popularity. With more popularity comes even more disinformation. In this blog we are going to break through some of the greatest myths and misconceptions about home automation.


 Automating my home will cost too much money. That sounds expensive!

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You don’t have to automate your whole home at once. You can start off small and add more as you wish. Home improvement costs money, however, adding smart technology to your home is cheaper than a full kitchen or bathroom remodel. You can build on devices based on your budget as time goes on.


I’m not good with technology, I’ll just push the wrong buttons and break it.


Smart home technology is not very complicated. The most complicated part may be setting it up, but that is what AIC is for. We can help install and show you how to work your system. If you can navigate a smart phone and use apps, than you are already ahead of the game.


Its just a gimmick, not worth the investment.

It is absolutely worth the investment. Home automation makes life easier, safer, and can cut electricity costs. If you plan on selling your home in the future, having an automated home will increase the resale value and desirability to prospected buyers.


Can it get hacked?


If someone was going to break into your house, they are not going to hack your smart lock on the front door. They will just break a window. While smart devices can be compromised, your weakest link is your router. We have an informative blog about how to keep your home save from digital invasions. The biggest problem lies within your weakest password. You must always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, set up your devices with unique passwords.


It is only for when your building a home. You cant make a “dumb” home smart.


Actually, you can. Products can be easily retrofitted into an older home without an issue. This isn’t a major remodel kind of project.


Home automation is a gimmick.

Home automation has been around for quite some time now. It is going nowhere, and is definitely not a gimmick. Many companies and products have been on the market for over a decade, supplying their customers with reliable and quality equipment. It is estimated that 53.9% of homes will be automated by 2023.


It is just too luxurious for me.

You must be warned! Home automation can result in a very cozy and luxurious environment. However, most people actually make the switch for energy savings, security and convenience. Smart thermostats and lights are Eco-friendly and can help lower your electric costs.


My home will takeover!


You may have watched too many Twilight Zone and Black Mirror episodes. No, your house will not gain conscious and take over. It makes for a great movie plot, but that is all Hollywood.


It is just too much work.


You have so much on your plate already. You may have a list of projects that you may have been putting off, and quite frankly, you just don’t have the time. The idea that you have to research the different products and set them up may seem daunting. That is why we are here. Advanced Integrated Controls is the Lowcountry’s award winning leader in home automation. Contact us for a quote, we can make the switch easy and effortless for you.