Luxury LowCountry Home

Project Summary

This home required the wiring and most of the electronics to be hidden, TV’s in each room were the exception. (2) A/V racks are used to manage and conceal the electronics, which are on a full energy management system with battery backup.

We also needed full control of the 84 zone lighting system without creating wall clutter, therefore, Lutron keypads were used.

Using hidden Lutron automated shades and an astronomical time clock, we programmed the system to save energy by limiting sun exposure. This is based on the compass orientation of the house and time of day.

We were able to meet the needs of both husband and wife through motorized porch screens, landscape lighting, and automated fireplaces. Giving our clients the perfect outdoor setting. Additionally, there’s a 75” 4K Sony TV and (2) 49” 4K Sony TV’s paired with a sound system which is all hidden within those wooden ceilings.

For complete control using mobile wireless devices, we utilized a combination of AC routers, wired access points, and a 24 port managed gigabit switch within each A/V rack. By doing this, it creates a dependable network and AC WIFI distribution system.

Having young kids, we programmed the surveillance system to trigger alerts when motion was detected in certain areas of the home, like the pool or hot tub.

When the doorbell is pressed, all audio will mute and a custom chime will ring through the overhead and outdoor speakers. Using front and rear door cameras, they can then view the camera images through their mobile device and/or TV’s.

Scene control and system compatibility were critical to designing the system that our clients were after.  The “welcome” button can trigger many things at once! The lighting scene is activated while igniting the fireplaces and adjusting the HVAC. It also activates the pool & spa and begins playing music based on the time of day.

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